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If you were on a hijacked plane, do you think you would try to confront the hijackers? (UserQ)

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09/23/11 4:10 pm

Im 12 and I'd beat da shit outta anyone who thinks they can hijack a plane

09/23/11 3:54 pm

Take a pencil sneak behind one stab Him in the neck take his gun and one man Rambo on all the others

BondiBaby Nebraska
09/22/11 1:24 pm

because if their intent is to kill you anyway, why not go down fighting? I am so tired of the gov't telling people to not do anything and let them take care of it. we've become a country of lemmings or sheep, with the few exceptions of people who WILL fight back!

yvonnne Texas
09/21/11 10:08 pm

Confront them and get killed. What good would that do?

09/20/11 12:15 am

Does anyone else miss the old days when all hijackers wanted money or their comrades freed from prison?

09/17/11 11:50 am

a rolled up sweatshirt on my arm and a set of keys. I'd take out an extremist who clearly drew the line in a life and death situation.

pyromnt New York
09/17/11 11:10 am

Well, most people here, are thinking about this in terms of 9/11. The plane most likely will not be used as a weapon. so i wont confront them

c00kies California
09/16/11 8:26 pm

yes, if the planes already hijacked, you'll just die anyways. might as well try to live.

jakersw22 Michigan
09/16/11 7:47 pm

you're either garunteed a swift firey death with a few hundred other people, or a chance of saving everyone.

jakersw22 Michigan
09/16/11 7:47 pm

you're either garunteed a swift firey death with a few hundred other people, or a chance of saving everyone.

dylansl Texas
09/16/11 5:35 pm

Going to die anyway. Might as well save as many people as possible

kst8r Iowa
09/15/11 9:00 pm

Only if I had other people with me. I would never do it alone cuz they might be armed. Terrorists can hide weapons in some pretty interesting places.....

Flooded Virginia
09/15/11 7:52 pm

if it was between a terrorist for sure killing me in a plane crash or actually having the chance to save my life and the lives of others, I'm going to be that stubborn biotch that doesn't go down without a fight.

09/15/11 4:57 am

kind of old to be doing something really physical

swimguy Illinois
09/14/11 8:45 pm

I'd love to say that i would be all heroic and save the day, but thats not really what i would do, just being honest... i'd be too scared

obamafail California
09/14/11 12:53 pm

yes because if i do others will follow suit

09/14/11 6:41 am

First I said no. Then I remembered situations I have found myself in without thinking. Early 90s living in NYC I put myself into an argument between a couple when he threw her up against a building. I may be smaller but it started with screaming "what the hell are you doing?" and went from there.

vance Texas
09/13/11 9:14 pm

Gut 'em like the pig animals that they are!!! Let's roll!

09/13/11 7:21 pm

If we're hijacked we're probably toast so at that point what have you got to lose? Perhaps if you are the first to stand, others will follow....

09/13/11 9:45 am

I'm a former Marine. Ohh yeahhhhh. It would be my honor to beat down another crazy muslim extremist..... Again.

09/13/11 12:24 am

talk is cheap. almost none of you would do anything but sit there.

RJ1969 SoCal
09/12/11 10:00 pm

after 9-11, would-be hijackers are screwed! it won't happen again!

09/12/11 9:53 pm

Don't matter, I'd kick em In the nads!

Herm31812 Pennsylvania
09/12/11 8:10 pm

Also, I'm 14 5'8 200lbs. Not that it matters really. Haha I understand what you mean about being small, but I'd still do it

Herm31812 Pennsylvania
09/12/11 8:08 pm

Wow, who cares how talk you are or if you don't have weapons, use you're fists. Get all change and put it in a sock, whack someone in the face. I wouldn't think twice about charging, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

09/12/11 6:33 pm

no I'm 4'11 and can't fight my way out of a wet paper bag

emsies Seattle
09/12/11 6:02 pm

I think that I should try, but I probably wouldn't. I'm just that wussy.
And remember, you're on a PLANE. You don't have a gun, a bat, or even a frickin' NAIL CLIPPER, people. You can't even spray your shampoo in their face!

Shadow74 Michigan
09/12/11 5:34 pm

Yeah only if I had a gun or something or a bat

09/12/11 5:22 pm

I would love to say absolutely I would, but I would be in such terror, there is no telling what I would do... I might freeze up and do nothing or I might do something crazy. I wouldn't know until I was in that situation.

09/12/11 3:41 pm

I said "no" because realistically, I'm 14, 5'2 and 92 pounds. I couldn't do much physically. However, I would devise a plan.

Soitgoes Missouri
09/12/11 12:21 pm

Yeah, look up the Northwoods documents. A memo to Kennedy proposing we hire Mexicans to dress like Cubans and hijack a plane so we could initiate combat in Cuba... creepy!

ORinNY New York
09/12/11 11:17 am

Sutie: terrorism means coercion of a nation or people through fear and violence, not all violent crimes are terrorism, for example.

Funny anecdote, the majority of hijacks in Cuba pre-Nixon were perpetrated by the CIA. Wikipedia has a great article on the history of hijacks.

09/12/11 8:56 am

If the majority of AMERICAN people on a hijacked plane were armed, I assure you that plane could never go down. they Give all the illegals, and druglords free guns! And then make sure nobody else has them. So that way, only the bad guys have guns! That sounds like a GREAT idea guys. Great job :/

09/12/11 8:56 am

Sutie- I think it was meant: terrorists=taking lives. Majority are done by criminals on the same level as holding ppl for ransom or robbing a bank. Which also doesn't require an Arab. He/she has a really good point.

09/12/11 8:23 am

ORingNY: what are you talking about? How can you say "the majority of highjacking was not done by Arabs OR terrorist". If anyone highjacks an airplane and holds people against their will then they are Terrorists! Political correctness is getting out of hand if we can't even call it what it is.

09/12/11 8:15 am

Special salute to the passengers of flight 93. Never forgotten. Also salute to the first responders who marched into the pit of Hell without hesitation. True American heroes rise up in the darkest hours. We will rise again!

09/12/11 8:14 am

I dint care what they want to do with the plane. I'm kicking some ass. Take me out fighting ... if you can!

ORinNY New York
09/12/11 6:18 am

It's funny to me how the assumption is the hijackers want to crash the plane into something. Hijacking existed way before 9/11, usually by criminals that wanted to just land somewhere else. If it's not life threatening then sure. The majority of plane hijacking wasn't done by Arabs or terrorists.

09/12/11 12:15 am

with that in mind, would you do something?

09/12/11 12:14 am

@all the defensive sounding ppl: the q is "would you confront", not necessarily pick up the terrorist and shove his body down the latrine.

09/11/11 11:33 pm

I am all about some peace & love but in this case i would stomp a terrorist.

09/11/11 10:26 pm

They're going to ram that plane into a building at 500 miles per hour if you don't do anything, so you have nothing to lose by fighting back. If I don't stop them, then I'm going to die trying. Always go out fighting.

09/11/11 10:02 pm

If they aim to kill, what do you have to loose?

09/11/11 9:41 pm

The plane without my family, and it was a no-win or very low chance of survival, ect. I'd love to be that hero but I'm just being honest. And I know in a physical fight or against a gun I can't do much. I could do sneaky things or brains things though.

09/11/11 9:38 pm

American don't make assumptions about women.
I'm a woman. I said no. In most circumstances, I wouldn't. If it wasn't life threatening. If it meant I could protect my daughter. If my husband was with us he'd be doing it. The only way I'd do something is sabotage if it saved my baby OR if I was on

09/11/11 9:24 pm

This is one of those questions I would love to say "Yes, of course!" to, but I'm sad to say I'm not a very brave person....

nolegirl Florida
09/11/11 9:11 pm

I'm a woman, and I would beat the ever-loving crap out of anybody who tried to take a plane, all 5'2" of me, especially since my husband is a commercial pilot and I travel for work. A laptop or first class wine bottle to the skull would help. Maybe add in scalding water from the coffee maker.

09/11/11 8:32 pm

It really bugs me that OVER 1/2 of the women would NOT confront!! Come on ladies STEP UP!! I know I would try to rip their eyes out with my ball point pin or whatever weapon I could find.