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Does a presidential candidate's VP running mate have any influence on your likelihood to vote for him/her?

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07/07/12 6:42 am

ry? wow...."The Maverick and The MILF" failed!!!

07/07/12 6:38 am

did mystic say palin was smarter than obama and biden combined? have you seen any of her interviews when she was running? look how much our presidents age in office. Mccain was already like 90 and u obama haters really would have been ok with Peg Bundy and her dysfunctional family running our count

Mythic California
07/04/12 1:59 pm

I know so many people that voted for Obama because that RINO's VP was Palin. Still saddens me to this day. The media absolutely butchered her despite her being at least twice as smart as Obama and Biden put together.

07/04/12 7:01 am

Well if the president's, like, eighty and the vice presidents stupid...

07/03/12 9:20 am

In this election, not at all. No matter who Romney chooses, he will be getting my vote over Obama. If people always wait to see who the VP candidate will be, then they must not be educated enough on the actual presidential candidate. Just my opinion though...

RRStephens Tennessee
07/02/12 11:50 pm

IF THE PRESIDENT IS A KENYAN AND THE VP IS A LEFT WINGNUT COMMUNIST*COUGH* oh, is this the bash the PRISONER OF WAR channel. Show so respect, the man lost gracefully, more than we will get from Obama when he loses. I can see his lawsuit and pity party now.

07/02/12 7:52 pm


23 Texas
07/02/12 7:50 am

I would never want Sarah Palin to be even remotely close to the Presidency.

kandykane California
07/01/12 6:11 am

*cough cough Sarah Palin cough cough*
but actually, I would probably be more influenced by the candidates spouse, more so than VP. The First Lady has much more responsibilities and important things to do and such, I think than the VP.
Did that make any sense? Sorry for the poorly worded comment.

06/30/12 8:18 am

@topsqueen Biden spent his life fighting for women and the poor? Also he had one of the best foreign-policy records in Congress.
I know he's not as DUMB as Palin but come on the Dudes a fighter.

06/30/12 8:14 am

Sarah Palin is crazy. And very irresponsible, the 1/2 term governor comes across dumb. Palin has a hard time making a sentence I have 0 confidence she'd be able to lead the free world.
That was a close one. GOP FAIL!

EnginE3r Texas
06/29/12 8:50 am

The vice president is an important role as he/she will be in the position to influence the decisions of their president.

EnginE3r Texas
06/29/12 8:47 am

The choices of Sarah Palin's daughter don't necessarily reflect Palin's values.

HolyBabble Mississippi
06/29/12 6:40 am

Palin is why I did not vote for McCain.

When she said she reads every newspaper .... and said that she has foreign policy experience because she can see Russia from Alaska ... and claimed to be an excellent conservative mother, but had a knocked up teenage daughter. I was out!!!

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
06/28/12 8:25 pm

Biden is why I did not vote for Obama

ncbuc Get Over It
06/28/12 6:38 pm

Besides. Everyone knows slinging mud and name calling is what our 2 party political system is all about. It's become the equivalent of "yo mama" jokes.

ncbuc Get Over It
06/28/12 6:33 pm

Well...I never really called her a name. "maverick hockey mom" was self appointed. I said "talking parrot". If you don't think that's an accurate description of her time as a VP candidate. Well, you didn't listen to
many of her speaking engagements.

06/28/12 5:53 pm

I never said Palin was a strong choice. I just get weary of name calling. When someone makes a remark I want to know why. I'm always willing to be educated with facts I may not know. I just never understood the strong hatred of Palin and still haven't heard much worthy of such dislike.

06/28/12 5:46 pm

Unless its that idiot palin

ncbuc Get Over It
06/28/12 3:54 pm

Only thing i can come up with is she made SNL pretty funny again.

ncbuc Get Over It
06/28/12 3:53 pm

some facts that make her a strong choice.

ncbuc Get Over It
06/28/12 3:52 pm

Besmart...sorry I've been at work all day. I didn't need nor have any facts. Just listening to any time she talked it was apparent to most of the population that she was a talking head who never really said anything worth listening to twice. Instead of facts of her being a bad choice. Give me facts

06/28/12 11:01 am

Just wondered if any one had anything other than mud slinging. I don't need to be dared to read or listen to anything. I'm very well rounded in what I read and to what I listen. I just wondered if anyone who did name calling read more than a headline.

06/28/12 10:52 am

@besmart. I'm a very conservative but independent minded man. I must tell you when I hear the words and ideas that come out of Palin's mouth, my impressions of her are: Fake, uneducated, a kind of wannabee hero. There is nothing "rogue" about her.
She is a typical politician.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
06/28/12 10:32 am

besmart, just a few: Africa, country or continent? "Blood libel", "refudiate", etc. Reads newspapers, "All of 'em". Wanted to ban books from the library. Couldn't name any of the duties of the VP. Watch her interview with Couric or listen to her quitting as Governor speech, I dare you.

06/28/12 6:01 am

Wow, not one single fact in all the Palin bashing.. Unless u count: a shame really; train wreck; would make Jesus lose votes; single handedly destroyed and changed politics as we know it; respected McCain until Palin nuff said. Not one fact. I'm just curious.

06/28/12 5:40 am

Ncbuc... Any facts? The tireless name slinging makes you seem unintelligent and uninformed. Just curious if anyone has any facts why Palin supposedly so horrible.

ncbuc Get Over It
06/28/12 5:19 am

Was set to vote for McCain til he picked his "maverick hockey mom" to run. I knew at that moment he felt he already lost and was going for the female vote. Guess he thought women would actually side with a talking parrot.

06/28/12 4:42 am

Could someone list any FACTs about why Palin considered stupid or whatever terms used here. Just looking for some facts.

fredd TrumpLand
06/28/12 2:20 am

Not a lot but yes some influence. Palin made mccain unelectable.

06/27/12 11:21 pm

If the vp is retarded like palin, then yes

RJ1969 SoCal
06/27/12 10:43 pm

Palin 2016!!! Or as she puts it, 2017!!!

brianparks69 charlotte
06/27/12 10:34 pm

Was considering McCain last time until he picked the biggest idiot to ever run for public office in US history...the Alaskan f-up.

06/27/12 9:40 pm

Dan Quayle |$ @ 4u(€in& @$$#•|£. He IS STUPID & they wurst VP ever. to live in my life time. That is who affects my votes-not the caneed@+£$. CAANNI|IDDA@ATTESsS$$$$.

06/27/12 9:38 pm

Ah yes. There was so much cotton coming out of his mouth that my mind selectively forgot him. I only remembered the other two because they were the brunt of many jokes

TheWatcher Ohio
06/27/12 9:22 pm

It doesn't matter to me in this election, I'm not voting for Mittens or President Hope.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
06/27/12 9:13 pm

3rdSide it was Al "the world is melting" Gore. It matters to me because the VP pick is the person the Presidential candidate thinks is the very best qualified to be the President of the Senate, to represent the office here and overseas, and to become the President if he is no longer able.

RJ1969 SoCal
06/27/12 8:50 pm

Can't remember Clinton's VP?! He's the guy that got the most votes in 2000. How can you not know who won the national popular vote?!

06/27/12 8:23 pm

Weird that Palin is garnering so much attention here. Why bother with her, when the VP does nothing? Seriously, who cares what the past VPs were? Think of Biden, Quayle...I can't even remember Clinton's VP

06/27/12 7:36 pm

Very interesting map to look at if you are a Romney advisor...