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Show Of Hands August 17th, 2012 12:00am

Regardless of your preference, who do you *think* will win the Presidential election in November?

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08/24/12 10:06 pm

We need someone in office that will deregulate and shrink government, budget spending, cut out abused entitlements, etc. and mr Hussein Obama is not that person. Romney and Ryan is the best fiscal chance we have.

08/24/12 10:02 pm

There are just as many "clueless" northerners. It's a pity to categorize the entire south based on one or two people who left there opinion on a blog. Let's be adults here

mcdkm Houston
08/24/12 3:46 pm

It's hard to beat an incumbent no matter how incompetent they are.

08/23/12 8:06 pm

The poorly educated south is clueless

Metzae Texas
08/23/12 5:38 pm

"Your overconfidence is your weakness."

JustBob Your anger fascinates me
08/22/12 8:23 pm

I'm sure there are a few of the last round Obama voters that won't make it to the polls this year, other things to do

adalla Virginia
08/22/12 11:59 am

Clearly you've never searched for information on a political candidate. All there is to find is highly partisan propaganda for them or against them.

08/21/12 1:25 pm

America tends to vote on no intensive research on who's running. I mean, you don't have to search THAT much, but they vote based on...I mean, did you see why everyone voted for Obama in the first place? They didn't even know basic things about him or the election -.-

sbakh1012 New York
08/21/12 8:55 am

@thekid97 that's because people are realistic and that's who they think will win

08/20/12 10:06 pm

No one running for president is qualified to run a gas station

08/20/12 10:05 pm

Does it even make a difference?

TheKid97 Michigan
08/20/12 9:02 pm

Now I know why over half of Americans are stupid they choose the idiot obama

08/20/12 8:08 am

After Obama signs an executive order to grant amnesty to a million illegal immigrants and calls anyone a racist to whom opposes, It's no surprise why Obama has much of the hispanic vote.

versteckt Florida
08/20/12 8:03 am

Vote GOP if you hate: women, seniors, poor people, people that aren't white, freedom, jobs, and science.

08/20/12 7:34 am

Obama is doing great on the food stamp vote.

adalla Virginia
08/20/12 6:29 am

To win an election, you get people fired up to go to the polls. Religious conservatives are fired up. Business people are fired up. Seniors are fired up. Fiscal conservatives are fired up. People against the ACA are fired up. They'll show up to vote against Obama, but they WILL show up.

leftocentr Oregon
08/19/12 9:02 pm

The results of this poll should be a nice wake up call for the GOP. Especially since there are more Repubs on SOH than Dems.

Lulzy New Jersey
08/19/12 7:15 pm

The lesser of two evils is clearly Obama. I'll be back in 16 years to see what has changed in this country. Oh, that's right. Just more bullshit tinkering and the decline of a great nation. We're all fucked. Even China.

palindrome California
08/19/12 4:29 pm

he can get enough conservatives out to vote for him and beat Obama through that route (because, realistically, he can't do it any other way). It's a Hail Mary play he's attempting, his pick of Paul Ryan highlights that. It's daring and extremely risky. And I don't think it'll work. Many reps. are

palindrome California
08/19/12 4:27 pm

Ishady- right. Romney has strengths, absolutely. But to win an election, you cast a wide net and win a decent cut from every group. That's what Obama has been doing and very successfully. Romney has focused nearly all his effort in simply bringing in his own base for him. I believe he's hoping that

ishady 86451132020
08/19/12 4:24 pm

I'm sure Romney is surging in the rich white guy category. I guess that's something.

ishady 86451132020
08/19/12 4:10 pm

I wonder what the statistics are on far left terrorists. Is every black group lumped in with them? That one day class tell you which " side" has more? Id be interested in hearing the results from someone so enlightened who thinks the polls don't actually favor Obama.

palindrome California
08/19/12 4:04 pm

What it comes down to is Obama's strengths: he has HUGE popularity among a broad spectrum of groups. He enjoys strong support from each of them (except white traditional males). He is also the incumbent. This is typically a very successful recipe. The non-white male vote will hand it to him

palindrome California
08/19/12 4:00 pm

And he has huge deficiencies among women! It seems Romney only has strong support among white traditional males. Call me pessimistic but that's not a winning recipe.
On a sidenote, GWB won the 2000 elections 50-50... He later went on to trounce a Romney-esque opponent (Kerry) by a wide margin.

palindrome California
08/19/12 3:56 pm

expect him to win without gaining even the required 30% of Hispanic votes? He's trending 23% in that area and NO ONE wins w/o AT LEAST 30% of the Hispanic vote. But then Romney also has major deficiencies with blacks, the poor, the middle class, students, the LGBT community, and other minorities..

palindrome California
08/19/12 3:53 pm

The independents are seen trending for Obama. Actually, virtually everything has been trending Obama for the most part. Every now and then you see isolated upticks for Romney but they usually fizzle out. That's a concerning trend for his campaign. Why can't he make headway? Also, you really

palindrome California
08/19/12 3:52 pm

Far left terrorism? More like vandalism from what I've seen...

Anyway, yes. Many a black pastor has come out and said something about how they're disappointed.. Many have said they'd still vote Obama though. And again.

adalla Virginia
08/19/12 3:25 pm

... shocked that they never *mentioned* radical Islam. Not once. They are very much focused now on the threat of domestic terrorism. By both the far right AND the far left.

adalla Virginia
08/19/12 3:23 pm

And for iShady, who isn't bright enough to recognize the difference between observing something and advocating it... EVERYONE knows that there are far more militia members, survivalists and sovereign citizens than ever. I went to a day-long class by the FBI on terrorism, and we were all a little..

adalla Virginia
08/19/12 3:18 pm

Obama got 53% of the popular vote in '08, a pretty slim margin. I think he holds on to 40% of likely voters, just like the poll shows here every month, and if Romney gets a decent turnout he wins by a good margin.

adalla Virginia
08/19/12 3:15 pm

... later.

As for losing black votes... More than a few black leaders have spoken out clearly against his position on gay marriage. He only got 90% of the black vote in '08, it's not as solid a voting block as you might think, and I think he chose to risk some of those votes to gain others.

adalla Virginia
08/19/12 3:12 pm

... that undecided voters go routinely to the challenger. The metaphor he used was if a married man was asked "do you still expect to be married next year," if he didn't answer "yes" you could be sure he wouldn't be. I can't see how anyone who isn't already in the can for Obama is going to decide..

adalla Virginia
08/19/12 3:09 pm

Alright Pali now we're talking. I already offered that most polls are being normed in favor of Obama despite the huge voter enthusiasm advantage of Romney, THAT was shown clearly in a poll right here.

Second, though I didn't mention it, I heard the opinion of Mr Rasmussen (yes THAT Mr Rasmussen)...

palindrome California
08/19/12 1:23 pm

"The Kenyan" he says

"hey! Look over there! Biden is being racist! Man I'm so sick of the Obama administration promoting hatred and division"

"Now where was I? Oh yeah, we gotta get that socialist Kenyan out!"

centexken Republic of Texas
08/19/12 12:46 pm

I don't want to see a civil war either. I will do my part in November and try to vote the Kenyan out.

ishady 86451132020
08/19/12 12:40 pm

Thomas Jefferson said a lot of things the radical right chooses to ignore.

palindrome California
08/19/12 11:54 am

coming out in droves for anyone, I wouldn't wishfully and pathetically try to reach for false hope by saying a key group has turned away from voting (like you keep saying about the black vote) and as for the independents.... Pretty sure alot of those are up for grabs now that Ryan is on the ticket

palindrome California
08/19/12 11:51 am

Adalla I've already said what I would say again and again. I would cite all the polls- not just a select few- and gather an informed opinion and deduce, like everyone else with a brain has at this point, that Obama, NOT Romney, has the best chances of winning. I wouldn't call on phantom groups

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
08/19/12 11:12 am

... I hope and pray that bloodshed is not required to motivate us to safeguard our God-given rights and freedoms.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
08/19/12 11:09 am

Ishady, Thomas Jefferson believed a revolution was in order every 20 years or so. Not saying that I support that notion, but one of our most notable Founding Fathers supported the idea of future armed revolt to maintain our God-given freedoms.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
08/19/12 11:05 am

I too am concerned that a second civil war will come to the US if Obama is re-elected. I hope and pray that it does not, because united we stand. But I am seriously concerned that the minority (30%) who make up the far left could try to overthrow our system of government, sparking a civil war.

ishady 86451132020
08/19/12 7:48 am

Adalla taking up arms against the united states? Sounds like treason to me.

adalla Virginia
08/19/12 7:37 am

.. dumbass in the group, don't you agree?

adalla Virginia
08/19/12 7:36 am

I don't agree with Ken that there's any likelihood of civil war, but I know for a fact there's a lot of people preparing for one.

Pali - if you disagree with my opinion, why don't you offer your own? That's how a discussion works. The guy that butts in with "well that sounds like Hitler" is the..

RJ1969 SoCal
08/19/12 12:40 am

for all you new civil war in the 21st century kooks...

wait, what do I say to some one that messed up?

palindrome California
08/18/12 10:21 pm

Wow.... You really believe that centexken?

centexken Republic of Texas
08/18/12 10:13 pm

@rj1969, yes, civil war. If Obummer is reelected he will go nuts with his far left views. When he attempts to force that on America all hell is going to break lose.

08/18/12 8:46 pm liberals are so emotional.
You should try making an informed decision for a change. Like a recent bumper sticker said.."In 2008 you proved you weren't a racist. How about proving you're not an idiot in 2012"
Seriously libs.....just try....for once.