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Keldeo February 12th, 2014 2:27pm

Attached is an article by the National Football Post addressing Michael Sam. Have you already considered most of the points made in it?

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cpaswr just say the letters
02/12/14 7:03 pm

If he can knock the snot out of the person he needs to block, no one should care if he is gay.

JaidOC Macon, GA
02/12/14 7:37 am

There's a reason that guys and girls have separate locker rooms. Putting Michael Sam in an NFL locker room would be like putting me in a room full of about 80 almost-naked women. It would be very distracting.

JaidOC Macon, GA
02/12/14 7:38 am

I know people who say they have homosexual tendencies, but are working with God to get rid of them. He said instead that he was gay and proud of it. I will not support that at all.

b4mytime Orange County, CA
02/12/14 7:45 am

You could have just submitted a blank post and your username would have pretty much said that all for you.

Posco BBQ Enthusiast
02/12/14 8:16 am

He has been playing football his entire life and has proven himself as one of the best players. He's obviously not distracted by his team mates which means if there's a problem, it's you.

JaidOC Macon, GA
02/12/14 8:24 am

Who's to say it won't distract his teammates?

Posco BBQ Enthusiast
02/12/14 8:32 am

That was my point. It would be their own fault for being distracted since he has shown that he takes his career seriously.

JaidOC Macon, GA
02/12/14 10:13 am

He also is promoting a lifestyle that could very easily lead to Hell.

Posco BBQ Enthusiast
02/12/14 10:14 am

As long as it leads to a Super Bowl first, I'm ok with that.

TheCameron UCF
02/12/14 11:30 am

You know who else distracted teammates?
Jackie Robinson.

JaidOC Macon, GA
02/12/14 12:11 pm

Black=natural, Gay=unnatural

bl4kers Earth
02/12/14 9:30 pm

Would you like me to state animal species that have gay tendencies? Or are animals not "natural" enough for you?

JaidOC Macon, GA
02/13/14 5:54 am

Would you like me to explain all the other things animals do? Dragonflies are rapists. Flies feed through regurgitation. Bees kill their queen when she is of no use to them. Just because an animal does it doesn't make it right.

bl4kers Earth
02/13/14 6:10 am

Ok, so being gay is now natural but not right in your eyes?

JaidOC Macon, GA
02/13/14 8:57 am

No, animals may do it, but it doesn't make it right.

Posco BBQ Enthusiast
02/13/14 9:01 am

Homosexuality is natural but yes, natural doesn't equal right. It also doesn't mean it's wrong either. The only thing you're basing his professional football career is the bible which I understand but you can't bring the unnatural argument in.

jvc1133 61535
02/12/14 7:33 am

It's interesting how we value being out of step with your peers