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kc17 February 11th, 2014 4:10am

Did you change your major from what you intended to do at the beginning of your college years? If you have not gone to college yet, select no.

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MrLove lovers, dreamers and me
02/11/14 10:06 am

No, but I really wish I would have. I have a degree in marketing, but I wish I would have pursued engineering.

Think Lovin Life
02/11/14 1:23 am

Architecture to Engineering Science to Computer Science

EnderWiggin So disillusioned...
02/10/14 10:14 pm

Graphic design to Theatre to Math Ed to Actuary Sci to Math.

I'm a graphic designer.

susanr Colorado
02/10/14 9:26 pm

6-year med to (many years later) biology.