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UWHuskyFan2 February 10th, 2014 4:44am

I'm doing a Youth Leg event through the YMCA in May. At my district's practice event my bill passed committee 7-0 and the Senate Floor 36-2, before being signed by the youth governor. The bill is in the comments. How do you vote on the bill?

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UWHuskyFan2 Woodinville, WA
02/09/14 9:50 pm

And it wasn't brought up, because I tabled it so others could debate their bills, but I will also be proposing a bill to eliminate the death penalty in the state. It's co-sponsored by the youth Lt. Governor

UWHuskyFan2 Woodinville, WA
02/09/14 9:48 pm

Basically the bill requires each district in the state to offer a language immersion program at one of their elementaries

NDAmerican Florida
02/10/14 4:32 am

I don't mind this.