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Jack14 Massachusetts
02/11/14 7:38 pm

Kay, do you have something to tell us?

CTYankee!!! Connecticut
02/11/14 3:24 pm

Only if you get caught and can't come up with a better explanation

02/11/14 12:56 am

The CDC dosnt recognize it. Sorry David l

FemmeAdamWest in the Tardis library
02/10/14 11:14 pm

Well no. I'm not one who believes addiction is a disease though.

glashberg Wave when you flyover
02/10/14 12:19 pm

Disorder, sure. Disease? No.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
02/10/14 12:19 pm

Nope. Just another attempt to make everyone a victim.

mikeey1962 on SOH where else
02/10/14 11:31 am

Dang it I had a cold I didn't know we had a choice.. I'm picking that next time

MrChris80 California
02/10/14 9:46 am

Calling any addiction a disease is weird to me...

Rosebud Ohio
02/10/14 9:36 am

Your body produces a chemical high at orgasm, and it's possible to form an addiction to that chemical release so yes.

sdbrev210 The Pursuit of Happiness
02/11/14 5:44 am

Yea, well, eating chocolate does the same thing. I don't see anyone claiming their love of Hershey's is a disease, but I'll bet some have tried.

aj1545 Cat Lady
02/10/14 7:31 am

Yes, as much as any other addiction is. Now, I hate seeing it used as an excuse to be a cheating asshole, cheapens it for those actually struggling.

Rob Be Safe Be Smart
02/10/14 12:46 am

No, but the psychological reasons behind "needing" it may be..

TheMadScientist the mad laboratory
02/09/14 10:18 pm

By definition, it cannot be a disease. Wanting to have an abundance of sex indicates normal functioning.

comppete Las Vegas
02/09/14 8:44 pm

No, it is pretty similar to pedophilia, only not necessarily with children. Just a weak minded and weak willed person, who chooses gratification over control.

JustBob Your anger fascinates me
02/09/14 7:09 pm

I was going to say no, because of the frequency the guys think about sex, but I guess if it's debilitating, and the person can't function (thinking that guy from sons of anarchy) I can see desease

Zod Above Pugetropolis
02/09/14 7:07 pm

They put pretty much everything that you can even imagine might be a mental disease or an addiction in the DBM, and the sex addiction is not in the DBM5 according to WebMD.

Maynard Londor
02/09/14 7:48 pm

Doesn't mean it's not a disease. It shows similar features to OCD; the anxiety disorder, not the personality disorder.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
02/09/14 7:53 pm

That's what I got out of it too. Similar features, but not an addiction. My bet is that just about everything we enjoy doing enough to want to do it again has something in common with OCD.

Maynard Londor
02/09/14 9:02 pm

From what I understand of it, they have powerful compulsions to have sex. If not fulfilled, the anxiety only gets stronger, until achieved. This would be very similar to OCD, if not an extension of the disorder. Correct me if any part it isn't right.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
02/09/14 9:32 pm

That sounds pretty normal to me, as long as the cycle is every few days and not every few hours.

Maynard Londor
02/09/14 9:42 pm

I think we might be on to something. We oughta start researching this possible disorder more.

brisket Illinois
02/09/14 6:46 pm

No it is a choice.

skinner Jersey City
02/09/14 6:44 pm

That is preposterous. Of course not.

EarlyBird Portland
02/09/14 6:10 pm

It's a real addiction but I wouldn't call it a disease.

02/09/14 6:00 pm

I believe it is categorized as such, but it certainly cannot be the worst disease. I wonder how you get diagnosed?

EarlyBird Portland
02/09/14 6:13 pm

If your sex urges are so strong that it's ruining all other aspects of your life (job, relationships, etc) it's a good chance you have the addiction.

02/09/14 6:29 pm

I didn't know there were such cases.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
02/09/14 5:57 pm

That's like asking "is breathing addiction a real disease", or "is walking addiction a real disease". It's a natural function. There is no rule on how much is too much. There may be some similarities with addictive behaviors, but no, not even.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
02/09/14 6:33 pm

Yeah. No. We're all addicted to food. If we don't get it, we literally die. There are eating disorders involving too much or too little, but I don't see it as an addiction, just similar in some aspects.

angryathiest seeing double
02/09/14 5:45 pm

I don't think that addictions are diseases.

SaintAnger sumkindamonster
02/09/14 5:36 pm

I believe addiction can happen with anything, so yeah.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
02/09/14 6:48 pm

I don't take the DSM as absolute authority. Defining something as a disease doesn't make it one. Remember, the WHO for example had homosexuality listed as an illness until the 70s.

tylangilbert phoenix
02/09/14 5:33 pm

So that is weird. I was about to ask the same question...

tylangilbert phoenix
02/09/14 5:44 pm

Yes I was. It came up in a conversation with a friend today

heyitskay Boston
02/09/14 5:46 pm

That is too funny. I am watching Thank You For Sharing and I was just wondering what people thought