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Show Of Hands December 7th, 2011 12:00am

In light of the deficit, are you in favor of raising the income tax rate on wealthy Americans?

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tristanb Missouri
12/17/11 11:41 pm

Tax the rich while to poor sit on their lazy butts and mooch off the rich while they pay no taxes... Ridiculous

NotAsheep Nevada
12/13/11 11:45 pm

On Halloween night I just gave all the candy in my dish to the richest kid I could find, and hope he trickled it down to the poor kids.

HolyBabble Mississippi
12/13/11 6:11 pm

We need to cut taxes for rich people.

If you cut their taxes they will create jobs.

Oh wait a minute, we tried that and it didn't work.

PHP North Carolina
12/12/11 10:23 pm

As a republican I'll say this, raise taxes on the wealthy and cut spending, neither party likes it but be need to take the medicine no matter how bad it tastes.

12/11/11 6:34 pm

keep the tax bracket as is if we can't agree to a fair tax and just cut spending. no need to lower or raise taxes on anyone if we aren't spending tax dollars on ridiculous things.

palindrome California
12/11/11 11:27 am

Burnsey- could you post a link, cite a year, some plausible source of data?

gradsmart Boston, MA
12/11/11 9:00 am

- something in return: healthcare, free education even at the grad school level! We don't spend nearly enough on education. Compare education spending and war spending, it's pathetic and sad. No wonder so many of my colleagues have left the US for better opportunities and quality of life abroad.

gradsmart Boston, MA
12/11/11 8:58 am

I guess I'm counted in that "wealthy" category. I don't employ anyone and I think a tax raise on us is fine. I think I paid relatively more taxes when I was just starting out and needed the most help. I don't mind taxes, I mind how they spend it (war). Europeans are taxed highly but they get

12/11/11 8:45 am

hansel why does society need to be balanced? And didn't Pres. O say we all should be playing by the same rules? well then why put different rules for the wealthy? If I ever get there I don't want to be penalized for it!

12/11/11 8:32 am

Ask yourself ONE question. Do we need higher taxes on the rich OR more tax payers (jobs)? You CANNOT have both. If the rich give their money in taxes, they cannot invest it to create new jobs. Are you stoned or stupid?

Droctothorpe New Mexico
12/10/11 3:02 pm

I have never seen poor people give anyone a job. Tax the wealthy and there goes the jobs. tax incentives for the wealthy that create jobs. Flat tax % for everyone else.

johngalt21 Pennsylvania
12/10/11 11:08 am

I employee 8 people. raise my taxes and I will only employee 6. do the math.

12/10/11 8:28 am

No. Im not wealthy, but if you want a fair country, find another way. How do you think those people rose to wealth? Most of them were hard workers for years. How would you like to be rich and have more of your money be taken away to benefit government aid for crack heads?

12/09/11 11:48 pm

if we are all to be treated equal in this country, if we raise the taxes on the wealthy then we raise it on everyone else.

12/09/11 11:03 pm

omg. people please do some math. can any of you show a model that has limited resources (cash/wealth) that grows such that all humans can be "wealthy"? no. if we each had $1 billion in the bank, a car would cost $100 million. it just doesn't work. taxes are required to balance society.

12/09/11 9:54 pm

this question is too biased! in light of the deficit, how can I say no?

12/09/11 7:31 pm

Hey! Even tho they may have more $$ than us, we can't just up and raise their taxes!! What would u say, as a multi-millionaire, if the gov't just decided 'oh we're gonna raise your taxes, by, like 40,000 a year. You do realize that's prob close to as much as they'll raise the tax. Right?

bbkkanders Kentucky
12/09/11 5:00 pm

and besides, if you raise the wealthy's taxes the business owner will lay people off and raise prices of products we buy. you surely aren't stupid enough to think they will make less. no, they will make the same and you pay more. again get he 48% lazy butts o pay their fare share.

bbkkanders Kentucky
12/09/11 4:36 pm

everyone says the rich should pay their fare share. if the rich pay 90% of the taxes and 48% of Americans pay 0 taxes when are they going to pay their fare share. quit wanting something for nothing stupid.

12/09/11 5:34 am

Lazy 10%- GET A JOB! protest Washington or a capital, leave working alone! Take a bath & get a JOB! Give the WORKING people a break- protest Washington!
PS- Merry Christmas y'all!

12/09/11 3:29 am

The failed Keynesian economics of Franklin Roosevelt in the 1930s, the disastrous stagflation of Jimmy Carter in the 1970s, and the supposed promise of progressivism 100 years ago, before the demonstrated failures of Marxism worldwide in the 20th century...

12/09/11 3:24 am

Outlaw the practice of 'liberalism'.

jrough8 Virginia
12/09/11 2:32 am

I love the "class warfare" claims, yeah no kidding it's class warfare, the ultra wealthy have be fighting the same battle and have been dominating for decades now. This isn't a partisan issue in the rest of America just in Washington.

12/09/11 12:22 am

It must be getting close to election time, the Democrats are trotting out their class warfare and class envy cards again. What has voting for Democrats ever got anybody? When will people wise up and stop falling for the Democrat tricks?

coloradical Vote or Shut Up
12/08/11 11:01 pm

ObamaCare is a fantastically complicated bill, passed with a lot of accounting trickery and fill in the blanks, unwritten clauses.
Policies like this are Bankrupting America.

12/08/11 10:54 pm

Stop the handouts to the deadbeats and illegals. Fix the loop holes in the tax law and and exacute everyone that's been on death row longer than ten years. That should save a bunch of money

burnsey89 Louisiana
12/08/11 9:16 pm

@penguin, Bush's tax cuts were not exactly what we needed. We spent too much on welfare additions and we had a war in two countries. Of course we will get a deficit. Redo the tax code is what I said, not follow the Bush model.

12/08/11 7:57 pm

If you go after the wealthy, they will find other ways to keep their wealth. If you implement fair taxes in general the government will receive more revenue.

12/08/11 6:02 pm

truth is most wealthy people deserve their wealth putting extreme amounts of dedication and work for an end result. the people now who look back on their life and wish they did these things are the ones complaining and most likely were the ones who made fun of the now "rich people"

12/08/11 5:53 pm

Hey let's Tax the weathy! Wealthy says ok tax us we will just fire some workers to make up lost money.

12/08/11 5:48 pm

we are in debt because our government doesn't know how to handle money not because the rich don't pay enough. if you raise taxes all we are doing is taking the money so we can completely blow it. let's get real people. Your money is your money why should you have someone else say otherwise.

12/08/11 5:34 pm

our country was founded on the fact that you have the potential to do whatever you pleas. if you make lots of money it's because you have earned it and deserve to keep it. we continually talk about equality yet we think that means take from some and give to others. this is not equality.

dotnetdev Georgia
12/08/11 4:14 pm

i dont mind paying higher taxes if it came with immediate matching cuts, and if the extra went to paying down debt.

got2BFree South Carolina
12/08/11 3:48 pm

Just to satisfy Penguins stereotype. I'm Hispanic born & raised in NYC, went to college (NJIT) and have only lived in SC for the last 5 years. So here I go. Northern liberals just think they're smarter than everyone else and have to feed off of other peoples success cause they just AIN'T that smart.

got2BFree South Carolina
12/08/11 3:39 pm

more conservative than we are and reformed they're welfare & entitlement spending so you'd hate it there too. You & your friends will have no place left on earth pretty soon. I think your all just jealous of success & have serious penis envy issues. Visit your shrink that GOV pays for.

got2BFree South Carolina
12/08/11 3:36 pm

@doug, I've got a great life & 2nd what blackRepub said, "Shut your government tit sucking pie hole." easy for people who don't pay taxes to demand more money. I get most of my money back when I file but still thinks its unfair. I'd suggest you & your like minded friends move to Canada but they're..

12/08/11 3:02 pm

Anyone who says no needs to review history and stop allowing their overlords to dictate their thinking.

12/08/11 1:16 pm

No. Raise it for everyone or no one . Im tired of half the people in the US with no horse in the income tax race. If everyone pays, there is no clouded line between rich, middle class or poverty level. EVERYONE working for a living should have a net income tax to pay.

12/08/11 12:42 pm

Penguin, study your history!! The South has gone Democrat until the dems started leaning waaaaay too left starting in the mid 60's.

12/08/11 12:41 pm

Hey liberals, when was the last time a poor person have you a job??
Most of you don't even pay taxes so shut your government tit sucking pie holes!

12/08/11 10:33 am

@Burnsey89 it's been 10 years when do we see these jobs that the wealthy's low tax rates are supposed to be creating? How much longer will I have to wait before Ted Turner stops laying people off to save he's million dollar salary and you realize you've been con'd?

12/08/11 10:28 am

@ATB In the south tradition trumps everything including our own welfare!! We'll vote republican even if it was Hitler! Don't agree with it but it is why people vote that way here. It's the whole, "Well my daddy all ways voted that way and so did he's daddy, so so am I!" BS it is!!

HolyBabble Mississippi
12/08/11 10:20 am

And then they wonder why we are so poor, have the highest rate of teen pregnancies, are the most obese, have the shortest lifespans, the highest rate of infant deaths... and the list of negatives go on and on.

HolyBabble Mississippi
12/08/11 10:16 am

@ATB - Because most people down here are uneducated backward thinking Republicans. They continuously vote against their own good.

12/08/11 9:04 am

I don't understand why the poorest parts of the country favor support economic policies that make the rich richer and the poor poorer

12/08/11 8:07 am

Question. How much should taxes be cut? Just enough to pay for the military? Should we pay for the upkeep of roads? Border patrol? The Right loves to whine about taxes. All the benefits this country provides comes free. The wealthy prospered all by themselves. Right.

burnsey89 Louisiana
12/08/11 7:48 am

The left says cut spending and raise taxes. I say cut spending and redo the tax code so that we have healthy but low rates with a zero or nearly zero percent capital gains tax. Raising taxes in this economy? I don't think that's a good way to get jobs rolling.