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sarahbc13 February 8th, 2014 11:04pm

Do you currently have anything in your closet that you haven't worn in over 2 years?

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cowboy Dawns Highway
02/08/14 8:39 pm

I don't have a lot of clothes, so no.

ozgirl not down under
02/08/14 5:43 pm

My wedding dress.... Been 13 1/2 yrs since I wore that!!

02/08/14 7:30 pm

Me too, also 13 1/2 years! Congrats to you!

rickvee Living the dream
02/08/14 5:39 pm

I've got something that hasn't been worn since 1991. A uniform from one of Saddam's elite republican guards. My aunt was a MP in the Army and traded him his entire uniform for 3 packs of American Marlboro reds. It's way too small, guy was 5'2" 95lbs.

jvc1133 61535
02/08/14 5:14 pm

Yea but, I'd as soon not discuss it

LadyA Earth Explorer
02/08/14 5:03 pm

Yes - a gorgeous silk dress I only wear on special occasions.

Serox The Paradise
02/08/14 4:07 pm

Yep. A lot of clothes... Some I wear them like 2-3 times a year.