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dreamer23 February 8th, 2014 7:43am

Have you ever been so Drunk you blacked out and woke up in a different state or country?

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moonshot More often I know nothing
02/09/14 9:39 pm

You're in Anchorage. Did you end up in Canada, or worse, Russia?

dreamer23 Anchorage, Alaska
02/11/14 12:21 am

Haha.Funny it was Just a question! I have Never been drunk as a matter of fact. Can't judge somebody by their post!

moonshot More often I know nothing
02/11/14 2:25 am

Darn! I was hoping for a good story to come out of this...

icytoes the tepid north
02/08/14 1:16 am

Even my husband who used to routinely drink until he passed said "uhhh, no."