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droo February 8th, 2014 2:41am

Is there any logic behind having "boy names" and "girl names"?

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FemmeAdamWest in the Tardis library
02/08/14 10:32 pm

Not really, many of them have been or are becoming interchangeable anyways.

opie99 left coast best coast
02/09/14 11:12 am

True! My neighbor is a male-Leslie, a friends dad is Francis, and a good friend (male) Courtney. My son is Jesse, names change, trends change.

02/08/14 3:00 pm

There is logic in naming a child a name that won't hinder their success (boy named Sue example). But the names themselves are purely changeable social constructs. For example: Sidney used to be a male name and now (with a y) is predominantly female

bethanyq Ess Eff
02/08/14 1:08 am

Heh, good point. Can't really think of one.

StilettoMiss SF med law, meme queen
02/07/14 10:57 pm

The only names I have a point of contention with are hipster names like Brayden or Jayden or Dakota --- the first two sound like the offspring of lame yuppies and the third sounds like what you'd name a dog

droo Santa Barbara
02/07/14 11:12 pm

But I like the name Dakota :-\

(funny I actually wanted to name my dog that a few years back so I could call him Koda Bear but yeah it does sound sorta doggish but WHY CANT I JUST HAVE SOMEONE TO CALL KODA BEAR EVEN IF ITS A HUMAN CHILD UGH)

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
02/07/14 9:41 pm

Of course there is. Boys and girls are different. Had you not noticed?

Praetorianus Fair enough.
02/07/14 9:46 pm

That has nothing to do with names being put into different categories. A name is just a bunch of phonemes that don't have to reflect gender.

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
02/07/14 10:52 pm

But one would tend to presume that parents would like the name to reflect the gender of the child. Most people just aren't going to name their sons Susan or Ernestine, or their daughters Bob or Ralph.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
02/07/14 11:01 pm

It's true for names traditionally used for one gender, so to name a boy Sue isn't a good idea, but nothing against using gender neutral names.

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
02/07/14 11:20 pm Refrigerator or Frog?

Praetorianus Fair enough.
02/08/14 12:46 am

No, more like invented names that don't have ballast. Let's say I invent a name, it's "Vayley". Fine for girls and boys. It isn't "loaded" like your suggestions. What is wrong with it?

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
02/08/14 2:58 am

Nothing, really. My only reservation is that if you see the name you don't know if it's male or female, leading to some confusion. If I'm responding to a blog post by Vayley, I don't know whether to call him/her Sir or Ma'am. That's all. :o)

Marley17 or is it just me...
02/08/14 5:19 pm

So couldn't you just ask? Or not really care what it's gender is because it doesn't make a difference

JennaF sunflower state of mind
02/07/14 9:20 pm

Now that I think about it, nope. Not a big deal though.

dyousif Rhode Island
02/07/14 9:06 pm

"Life ain't easy for a boy named Sue"

steelcity Pittsburgh
02/07/14 9:14 pm

I have an uncle named Coral.

146787456777 .......
02/07/14 9:03 pm

no, names are a social construct. some names have flip flopped back and forth over the centuries and some have become unisex while some unisex names have went to one gender or the other. its all dependent on what's popular at the time

Praetorianus Fair enough.
02/07/14 8:52 pm

No, and I favor unisex names like Kim (Kim Jong Un or Kim Kardashian).

kermie gaytopia
02/07/14 10:21 pm

Kim is his surname.

EarlyBird Portland
02/07/14 8:46 pm

I'd rather not be called Butch, thank you.

Whichendisup uniquely unoriginal
02/07/14 8:17 pm

yes but is the logic sound?

HayleyS looking up.
02/07/14 8:07 pm

No. Not a big deal in my opinion though.

susanr Colorado
02/07/14 8:06 pm

Not particularly, I don't think, especially since some of them are not gender specific.

rebelfury76 No Justice, No Peace
02/07/14 7:58 pm

No but now that they exist good luck getting rid of them. Bigger fish etc etc.

heyitskay Boston
02/07/14 7:45 pm

None at all

02/07/14 7:42 pm

I guess not logic as much as custom maybe?

droo Santa Barbara
02/07/14 7:46 pm

But is there any point in following custom? Tradition is usually rather illogical, no?

02/07/14 9:25 pm

Usually, but at the same time if you name your son Jessica, he will be made fun of and on paper, will be assumed to be a girl. Likewise with a girl named George.

bethanyq Ess Eff
02/08/14 1:10 am

What's interesting is when you think about how there are a lot more girls with "boy" names than boys with girl names. If a girl has a "boy" name people don't assume negative things about her, but they do about a boy with a "girl" name.