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tcadez February 7th, 2014 8:14am

Is there something that you tend to "geek out" or "nerd out" about?

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lyyved Virginia
02/07/14 4:53 pm

Harry Potter, Sherlock, pandas

glashberg Wave when you flyover
02/07/14 5:32 am

Space related anything.

JennaAwesome Book Lover
02/07/14 4:03 am

Tfios, divergent, the hunger games

dyousif Rhode Island
02/07/14 1:27 am

H.P. Lovecraft and horror movies.

tcadez Minnesnowta
02/07/14 1:17 am

Shakespeare. If you even mentions something Shakespeare related, I have a geek out moment. Last week I toured a campus that had a lecture hall called "Montague Hall" and I could not contain myself. The tour guide had no idea what I was talking about.

tcadez Minnesnowta
02/07/14 1:18 am

It's also true for anything related to Doctor Who, Sherlock, Harry Potter, knitting, my hometown, other slight obsessions of mine.