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jmw7477 Indiana
02/07/14 6:19 am

Luck could help you get the wealth.

JustBob Your anger fascinates me
02/07/14 11:09 am

I was thinking the same thing roulette table and I could dodge bullets

chickencookie Jihad Joe
02/07/14 6:07 am

Extremely lucky. This would be a new concept for me

Praetorianus Fair enough.
02/06/14 11:00 pm

Luck is THE superpower I'd choose. Meet your soulmate, avoid that accident, see every opportunity. Money would automatically follow. Just gamble and seize the opportunities. Buy stocks from a failing company that will recover and so on.

Rob Be Safe Be Smart
02/06/14 11:00 pm

I'll use my vast fortune to buy my luck..

beamie Michigan
02/07/14 7:15 am

I'll use my luck to get my vast fortune, and so many other good things!

bMyComrade Stumptown
02/06/14 10:45 pm

I can use that extreme luck to build an ample nest egg.