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lmurder February 6th, 2014 9:34pm

At what age was your earliest memory of a disaster? (i.e. Oklahoma City bombing or 9/11)

9- 9+
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deathvalley Chicago native
02/07/14 4:53 pm

I was 9 when the OKC bombing happened.
My cousin lived there at the time so I watched my family in a panic waiting to hear if she was alright.

deathvalley Chicago native
02/07/14 4:54 pm

After that I remembered the princess di accident... My dad asked me if I knew who she was and turned the tv on and we just watched for hours!

PurpleAsh Nowhere Land, CO
02/07/14 1:25 pm

I was 11 years old getting ready for school on 9/11, my mom came in shocked & pale, we sat & watched the 2nd plane hit live. Matt Lauer & Katie Couric did an amazing job of staying as calm as possible, they really helped my mom stay calm for me.

pateach2 love my son
02/06/14 10:18 pm

Oklahoma City bombing was it. I was home sick from school that day. My dad stayed home with me. We watched tv all day.

onthenine Da Burg
02/06/14 6:20 pm

The challenger. I remember watching it in school. Highly traumatizing.

icytoes the tepid north
02/06/14 8:34 pm

Same, I was in 8th grade keyboarding (typing) class.

bohemiandreamer wherever I am
02/06/14 3:43 pm

I didn't understand the severity of what was going on, but I remember seeing the funeral of JFK on our black and white TV.

MJSeals Esq.
02/06/14 2:39 pm

5 years old.