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ImJustMe9 February 6th, 2014 9:32pm

Now how about the main character from the last movie/tv show you watched is hunting you down. Are you in trouble?

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susanr Colorado
02/09/14 6:31 pm

LA homicide detective Harry Bosch (I just watched the Amazon TV pilot for a possible series) is after me? I think I'm OK.

02/07/14 7:39 pm

Sherlock Holmes from Elementary. I'm pretty well screwed!

ImJustMe9 Never Neverland
02/07/14 8:51 am

Fight again Buffy? Ya, I wouldn't win.

Oboette17 Senioritis
02/06/14 5:53 pm

Pretty sure Sheldon wouldn't hurt a fly

ImJustMe9 Never Neverland
02/07/14 8:47 am

Ya, I couldn't imagine a world where he was mad enough to hunt anyone down. Even if he was, he doesn't seem like he'd be a scary opponent.

Gill81 Burque
02/06/14 5:02 pm

Watching Mac miller and the most dope family.

DavesNotHere where am I
02/06/14 3:11 pm

Watched Pulp Fiction- I'm in trouble.

BeNotAfraid missing my sunrise
02/06/14 3:05 pm

Watched "The Expendables 1&2" with Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Willis, Norris, van Dam, etc. I'm done for!!

ImJustMe9 Never Neverland
02/07/14 8:48 am

Oh man! I'm super sorry, that's some bad luck right there.