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palindrome February 6th, 2014 6:03pm

George Zimmerman is going to fight in a boxing match against rapper DMX (let's just put aside the complete stupidity of that for now). A key part of his defense was that he couldn't fight and so couldn't possibly be on top of TM. Think he lied?

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elusive Sactown
02/07/14 1:18 am

seriously??? The things people do for publicity...

FollowYourBliss Never Happy, Ever After
02/06/14 11:35 pm

Not only did he lie, but his martial arts instructor lied as well. He said his boxing skills after a year of training with him went from a .5/10 to a 1/10.

timeout Boston Strong
02/06/14 4:58 pm

Yes I do, but I don't think the fight will come off. DMX hasn't fully agreed to it yet. Sad that this guy is trying to make money off the fame of this his crime.

MisterE Conservistan
02/06/14 4:01 pm

No, I have no trouble believing that George Zimmerman is in fact a weakling.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
02/06/14 2:26 pm

I guess we'll find out a few seconds into the fight when the screaming starts. Or it doesn't.

usernamehere Raise a little hell
02/06/14 1:37 pm

DMX should bring a bulletproof vest. He'll need it.

political Georgia
02/06/14 12:47 pm

While I believe the jury made the correct decision (yes criticize me all you want), I do not think this is the smartest thing for George to do.

palindrome California
02/06/14 1:06 pm

and I'd agree with you about the case too. The defense fell far too short. And given that, they made the right choice as a jury.

But this guy is an asshole. A habitual domestic abuser and now this...

DrReid Ever present.
02/06/14 11:26 am

I wonder if he knows he can't actually bring a gun with him just encase he starts losing again.

02/06/14 11:11 am

To anyone who heard about this, I hope they do NOT watch it which will only financially help him and increase his publicity even more. He doesn't deserve an ounce of attention.

palindrome California
02/06/14 11:17 am

I second that. Just WTF

DeusOrbus Stay Positive
02/06/14 11:08 am

He also sold a painting for $100,000 Florida's new motto should be, "Kill a black kid, sell a painting."

EnderWiggin So disillusioned...
02/06/14 11:07 am

Yes. About many things.

palindrome California
02/06/14 11:05 am

Let me just say a few things. 1) This is NOT the behavior of an upstanding citizen.
2) This is completely disrespectful to the Martin family. 3) It's amazing how he went from not being able to learn even basic fight moves for years to feeling

palindrome California
02/06/14 11:06 am

comfortable enough to fight in a boxing match after only 1 year since the incident. Isn't that amazing?