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Whichendisup uniquely unoriginal
02/08/14 9:23 am

I think once you start getting into specifics of one form of deism vs another is when you enter the realm of religion. however, even that isn't enough bec I think religion is a combo of the way a group tries to understand god/gods as well as their

Whichendisup uniquely unoriginal
02/08/14 9:23 am

attempt to organize and regulate their group.

Vincere Seattle
02/06/14 12:06 pm

Is mayonnaise a religion?

jvc1133 61535
02/06/14 10:41 am

I am a Christian, believe whatever turn your crank

ThinkAboutIt Staten Island, NY
02/06/14 10:28 am

It is a belief but I wouldn't consider it a religion.

sarahbc13 The Beach
02/05/14 9:15 pm

No it's a worldview.. They are different things.

MJSeals Esq.
02/05/14 9:12 pm

Religion? I think so. But I just took a soccer ball to the face so…

mikeey1962 on SOH where else
02/05/14 9:24 pm

Ouch, that's funny right there.. Do it again, I didn't see the instant replay.. Dang missed it again, go for the hat trick... Oops I coughed do it again.... LMAO.. Sorry by the way hope it didn't hurt to bad

jvc1133 61535
02/06/14 10:45 am

I took a softball to my face, called out many God's names

MJSeals Esq.
02/06/14 10:46 am

I know that feeling. A baseball right above my left eye

pcox104 Florida
02/05/14 8:54 pm

How is deism a religion? Am I missing something? That's like saying I am my own culture.

Statek Im from the Internet
02/05/14 9:10 pm

If deism isn't a religion, then the founding fathers weren't religious

pcox104 Florida
02/05/14 9:23 pm

I don't know enough about them, but I would be surprised if the founding fathers did not have a religion.

TalkPolitics Chevy Chase, MD
02/06/14 7:28 am

Well Washington was an Episcopalian. But the majority of our founding fathers were Deists. As a Deist myself, I can promise you it's not a religion.

impetus ok who knows the way out
02/08/14 8:25 am

Here's a breakdown of their belief systems of the founding fathers

The concept of deism is more profound with reading their writings to determine with their other part of faith if God

impetus ok who knows the way out
02/08/14 8:27 am

Started the world and then left it to be without any further intervention. That is the part that I have a harder belief viewing that any majority were from reading many of their documents and correspondence.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
02/05/14 8:02 pm

It's funny. Buddhism is a religion without a deity, and deism is a deity without a religion.

droo Santa Barbara
02/05/14 7:50 pm

No. Neither deism nor theism nor atheism are religions. They are beliefs, or in the case of the former, lack of belief.

TalkPolitics Chevy Chase, MD
02/05/14 7:51 pm

Thank you drooski. Couldn't have said it better myself :)

02/05/14 7:52 pm

No point in saying that in a different way above, you hit the nail on the head

JClementine11 Washington
02/05/14 7:55 pm

yeah pretty much exactly what I was going to say haha

kermie gaytopia
02/05/14 8:48 pm

I think it *can* become a religion for some people, in the same way that video games or exercise or education or helicopter parenting or anything else can become a religion when it rules your life and decisions.

droo Santa Barbara
02/05/14 9:05 pm

Yes it can Kermie, but just because some people use it as a religion doesn't mean it should be classified as one. Video games are not a religion, although, as you said, there are those who make it one.

kermie gaytopia
02/05/14 9:29 pm

Agreed. I just needed to get in my requisite number of churlish dissent posts in for the evening.

doctalk not all who wander r lost
02/06/14 7:03 am

I would give your ANSWR 15 likes if I could.