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rebelfury76 February 5th, 2014 11:33pm

Have you ever had a supervisor that you wanted to just knock out? Like, POW! right in the kisser!

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NYevo NY
02/06/14 4:58 pm

Does it count if the stupidity of my CEO makes me want to punch someone? (I won't punch a woman)

kjs Minnesota
02/06/14 1:34 pm

Not me but my husband had one that everyone in the office wanted to punch out.

elusive Sactown
02/06/14 5:24 am

Several of them. It amazes me how power can corrupt people.

presrvd Phoenix
02/05/14 8:20 pm

I must be one of the lucky ones. I've had good bosses for over a decade.

bluerum29 optimistic idealist
02/05/14 8:06 pm

Yes and also had one I wanted to hit in the kisser with my kisser

fredd TrumpLand
02/05/14 7:07 pm

No. Not even the one who accused me (behind my back) of racism.

kindocologist Beer is my friend
02/05/14 6:49 pm

Every one of them at one point in time

CAKE is good for the soul.
02/05/14 6:33 pm

Anyone that tries to micromanage me. I'm an efficient, hard worker. Back off and let me do my thang.

political Georgia
02/05/14 5:41 pm

EB is her own boss!

EarlyBird Portland
02/05/14 5:43 pm

That's right, and I've never felt the need to smack myself in the kisser!

Wert A picture of my junk
02/05/14 4:57 pm

So... I hope this is the old job, not the new job?

02/05/14 5:18 pm

I start the new one on the 19th and I can't wait

Wert A picture of my junk
02/05/14 5:42 pm

Good luck and I hope it's a happier time.

02/05/14 5:49 pm

I think it will be

mikeey1962 on SOH where else
02/05/14 4:53 pm

But I always thought, what if they replace him with someone worse..

DunkinFrunk Austin area, Texas
02/05/14 4:42 pm

I have and I did. That's when I got my first field grade court martial during my stint in the Army