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DerekWills February 5th, 2014 7:39pm

Would you support a Constitutional amendment defining who makes up the Militia? If yes, how would you define it?

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FireTiger formerly sexymerr
02/11/14 6:59 pm

Yes, those last two details alone make the NG a state controlled militia. Thanks for making think about this, but I think we're going to continue to disagree on this.

FireTiger formerly sexymerr
02/11/14 7:05 pm

Wrong spot. We really need a delete comment button.

02/07/14 7:37 pm

Remember, the 2nd Amendment says "a well regulated militia". The question is, who does the regulating?

02/10/14 10:51 pm

Not what it meant. In the 18th century that word meant "disciplined". One of Washington's greatest frustrations was trying to turn farmers into soldiers. They wasted time and money trying to do it. They brought in the French to help.

FireTiger formerly sexymerr
02/05/14 11:43 pm

IMO, I would consider the national guard, NRA, local hunting club, etc., to be a militia. Pretty much any (loosely or tightly) organized group of weapon owning people.

02/06/14 7:11 am

The National Guard is a standing army.

FireTiger formerly sexymerr
02/10/14 9:22 pm

How is the National Guard a standing army (full time, professional soldiers)? The "citizen soldiers" of the NG, only maintain their military training, part time.

FireTiger formerly sexymerr
02/10/14 9:25 pm

The NG also considers themselves to have originated from the colonial militias.

02/10/14 10:49 pm

I'm assuming we haven't met. I'm a naval reservist, I'm aware of the "part time" status in which we find ourselves. But since the ARNG could be mobilized within 48 hours they're as much a part of the army as the "regular" army.

FireTiger formerly sexymerr
02/11/14 4:55 pm

The NG's 48 hour mobilization doesn't come close to the regular army's 18 hour worldwide mobilization. NG is the first line of defense for that state. Even the President must ask the governor for permission to use/mobilize that states NG troops.

02/11/14 4:57 pm

and you really think those tiny details make them so different?

FireTiger formerly sexymerr
02/11/14 7:04 pm

Yes, those last two details alone make the NG a state controlled militia. Thanks for making me think but I think we're going to continue to disagree on this.

comppete Las Vegas
02/05/14 2:24 pm

No! A militia, as the Founding Fathers knew the term, were/are armed colonists/citizens that were willing to fight to put down a tyrannical government. The definition is clear to me.

knetzere Illinois
02/05/14 2:13 pm

No that would just give gov control over who can own a firearm

bradsr0138 Houston, TX
02/05/14 1:49 pm

Absolutely not! That's just a back handed means of gun control.

DerekWills Lone Star Gun Rights
02/05/14 2:32 pm

Even if it said "The Militia is composed of every citizen of the age of 18 years or older." Nothing more, nothing less. Would that not work? The 2nd Amendment already denies any sort of infringement.

bethanyq Ess Eff
02/05/14 1:39 pm

Sure, as long as it was truly independent. I wouldn't want it becoming yet another branch of our bloated department of defense. Don't know how I would define it as I don't really have any experience with militias.