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Komm February 5th, 2014 4:28pm

A Constitutional Convention of States per Article 5 is becoming increasingly likely in the very near future. Do you know your state level rep & senators well enough to feel that they will represent you well

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elianastar FreeSpeech
02/07/14 12:35 am

Know for certain they won't. Except maybe in regard to NSA overreach.

MisterE Conservistan
02/05/14 7:02 pm

Every time states petition for an Article V convention, congress gets there act together real quick.

commonsense America isnt racist
02/05/14 6:47 pm

Our reps in California are complete idiots. Not sure why they keep getting elected.....oh wait. The voters are idiots also.

Liberty 4,032,064
02/05/14 5:16 pm

Yes, I'm very active with my state legislature.

mikeey1962 on SOH where else
02/05/14 4:52 pm

Yes I know them, as for representing me, they are doing better..

bethanyq Ess Eff
02/05/14 11:42 am

What makes you say there's going to be a constitutional convention? That's news to me. There are many people who think the constitution needs a complete overhaul (rather than amendments)?

Komm No. I am your father
02/05/14 11:56 am

Give me a bit and ill send you some links. But im sure you can find plenty on your own with google

Komm No. I am your father
02/05/14 11:57 am

There is a states convention planning meeting in indianapolis this summer with 100s attending.

Komm No. I am your father
02/05/14 12:09 pm

According to this one from cbs, 20 states have taken steps to have a states convention. 17 more is needed

Diogenes Not Biden It
02/05/14 11:26 am

Ted Cruz and Pete Olson yes. John Cornyn no.

Diogenes Not Biden It
02/05/14 11:26 am

Ted Cruz and Pete Olson yes. John Cornyn no.

firefly5 the verse
02/05/14 11:00 am

my state senators would be great. The representatives are all over the board. Michigan is a pretty diverse place.

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
02/05/14 10:27 am

I know Ted Cruz will. I'm less certain about Jobn Cornyn, who has been critical of the Tea Party, and Rep. Mike conaway, who is more moderate than I and has been in Congress long enough to have become part of the Republican Establishment.

jrrob CT
02/05/14 10:09 am

My state rep will represent me well. My senators will not. ( Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal )

Rosebud Ohio
02/05/14 9:44 am

I know one would, one wouldn't, the rest I'm not sure.