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think4yourself February 4th, 2014 8:20pm

If the people who are paying the government's bills have to balance their budgets, shouldn't the government?

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crusader141 New Jersey
02/04/14 2:24 pm

Hell yea they should

MadCow Kansas Proud
02/04/14 1:46 pm

That's not then way businesses run. Don't we want the government to be more like the private sector?

02/04/14 1:59 pm

Businesses deep into their credit lines are not healthy. It leads to catastrophe many times.

suppressedID destiny is right now
02/04/14 2:19 pm

Businesses can run significant debt if their valuation supports it. This clearly qualifies.

America is the biggest business in history, and they're not even allowed to run a profit.

02/04/14 2:31 pm

Why was your opinion different when Bush had 9 trillion in debt?

think4yourself Not a safe space
02/04/14 2:48 pm

The fiscally healthy people and businesses at least break even. The really healthy ones have cash on hand to make purchases and/or to pay for projects.

02/04/14 1:24 pm

You would think.

jvc1133 61535
02/04/14 1:23 pm

That's an interesting theory, but fat chance of being followed

think4yourself Not a safe space
02/04/14 1:25 pm

It has happened a few times in history. It is possible. If Clinton and a republican congress can do it why shouldn't others?

think4yourself Not a safe space
02/04/14 1:22 pm

If a person or business is as irresponsible as the government they won't survive long.