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Show Of Hands August 6th, 2012 12:00am

Have you ever teared up while watching a sporting event?

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08/11/12 11:54 pm

Steeler fans don't have much to cry about

Googleplex Pennsylvania
08/11/12 10:58 pm

Almost Desean Jackson's PR v NYG 2yrs ago

08/10/12 12:34 pm

Stealers loss to broncos in playoffs last year... I was so happy.

Sporter80 Oklahoma
08/09/12 10:26 pm

I once sprained my ankle during an international soccer tournament and witnessed as my team took only 2nd place because they were down man. I felt like tearing up. Ha ;)

08/09/12 8:13 am

When Chelsea won the Champions League!!

Taz192 Arizona
08/08/12 5:42 pm

When the lost to the steelers in the super bowl just one inch from overtime. Not going to happen in the next decade or so

iceskate26 Minnesota
08/08/12 10:58 am

Yes! So many times. Mostly during the Olympics. I also cried so much when the USA women's soccer team lost to Japan in the world cup because of PKs!!! : (

Password123 Ohio
08/08/12 9:39 am

Yes. But only when the "fab five" girls USA gymnastics team won gold earlier this week. When Ali finished her floor exercise I started to tear up as she did.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
08/08/12 5:34 am

Nah. Just laughed at the occasional nut-shot.

08/08/12 5:25 am

During the Olympics. :') Each one of those athletes are living their dream, medal or bit.

scottstots Georgia
08/08/12 12:48 am

When I was little I played on the red sox in little league, I thought that meant I had to root for them like I was really a part of their team. I cried for a while when Buckner let the ball go between his legs in 1986.

opie123 Washington
08/08/12 12:07 am

When the Seahawks lost to the steelers. And reruns of 1996 Kerri strug landing the fault.

08/07/12 11:57 pm

When Notre Dame got cheated by USC with "The Bush Push" cried like a baby

08/07/12 11:33 pm

Rarely, yes, but only during the singing of our national anthem.

08/07/12 10:47 pm

There have been so many times for me I can't even count them. Recent examples are Phelps' last race and the team gymnastics gold, but I've been crying over the stories behind the victories and losses since I was a kid.

08/07/12 9:51 pm

When the steelers won Super Bowl 40

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
08/07/12 9:27 pm

Yes... hearing the Argentine national anthem during the 2004 Olympics as they won the gold medal in Basketball. It was a fantastic moment for Argentines.

colematts Buffalo, New York
08/07/12 9:07 pm

Wasn't expecting these results, but yes I have cried during a sports game- same as Emsies. First and only time was during the Giants v Patriots super bowl in 2008. It was an amazing season and overall spectacular super bowl game.

elbow82 Veganland
08/07/12 9:05 pm

I can't remember a specific incident, but I might have during the Olympics at some point growing up.

08/07/12 8:25 pm

I was definitely not expecting these results.

08/07/12 8:13 pm

Same as prbeff--Women's team gymnastics gold at 2012 Olympics.

08/07/12 8:09 pm

Thanks for the offer @arste, but I'm good with my past time. Thanks for being so critical though!

arste New York
08/07/12 7:28 pm

People who get teary eyed over a sports event really should consider another past time.

ncbuc Get Over It
08/07/12 5:17 pm

Several. superbowl xxxvii, and Michigan race after M.Martin's father died come to mind.

08/07/12 5:11 pm

I went to the first home game at PNC Park after September 11. I've never felt anything like that, and still occasionally reminded, and eyes watery, when I hear the National Anthem

08/07/12 5:05 pm

When the women's gymnastics team won the all around gold medal in London.

08/07/12 4:59 pm

The Bartman game.

Also the sprinter who fell and his dad helped him finish the race makes me tear up every time.

08/07/12 4:57 pm

When USC lost their first game for 2 years in 07

08/07/12 4:17 pm

Yes. 2011 national championship. My dog died and the Longhorns lost. Tough night.

snafu Washington
08/07/12 3:14 pm

During a lot of World Cups, if my favorite team won I shed a few tears of joy.

pretorian Florida
08/07/12 2:36 pm

Teared up - I used to tear up phone books during soccer world championships :)))

Zod Above Pugetropolis
08/07/12 2:22 pm

No. I don't think I usually get that emotionally invested in the game, and don't usually care enough about the strangers that play to share their joy or agony.

08/07/12 2:18 pm

The last race of Michael Phelps

08/07/12 2:00 pm

Steelers lose to Green Bay/Dallas in the Super Bowls, Penguins in Stanley cup. More so tears of anger than sadness.

08/07/12 1:15 pm

Go watch an Iron Man finish...some of the stories and sheer determination of the athletes will definitely have you reaching for a Kleenex!

SirRevan Tennessee
08/07/12 12:17 pm

Tear up? Heck I completely balled (bawled?) my eyes out 5 years ago when my Memphis Tigers were up by 9 in the NCAA basketball championship with 2:12 to go and THEN WE LOST BECAUSE OF FREE THROWS!!! Ughh, it still hurts so bad :(

elleck SOH Fan Club
08/07/12 11:52 am

The race that Dan Wheldon lost his life...

08/07/12 11:44 am

The only time I can remember shedding a tear, was after Walter Payton's last game. I think I was 11 years old at the time, but he was my sports idol as a kid.

Kay41 the Midwest
08/07/12 11:22 am

For me it is the story behind the athlete and their triumphs or failures that make me tear up.