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02/05/14 7:25 am

Agree. I want to see Everything!!!

elusive Sactown
02/05/14 12:53 am

I miss the all tab. :(

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
02/04/14 10:25 pm

The only major changes I've noticed are the drop-down poll selection menu, which I don't like; and the option to review the question while reading the comments, which I do like.

susanr Colorado
02/06/14 10:07 am

You missed the "My Comments" poll filter? Also, reply notifications now connect to replies in polls that have closed.

commonsense America isnt racist
02/04/14 8:23 pm

No. I don't like that I can not easily see my created polls.

PrinceBlake Bama Born
02/05/14 8:22 pm

This was my biggest upset about it

susanr Colorado
02/06/14 10:05 am

You CAN easily see them. Tap on Profile. Tap on published polls. There they are. It's only one tap farther away then with the previous poll filter layout, & the same number of taps as it would be if they were in the poll filters in the new layout.

02/04/14 2:03 pm

I don't understand the compulsion to always make things "better." Lots of Microsoft programs come to mind.

alynn Somewhere wonderful
02/04/14 11:53 am

I do! I especially like that we can see the question in comments now.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
02/04/14 10:37 am

Yes! I do miss the "all", but far less now than when we first got the beta. I think it's just a learning curve, and the new features more than make up for it.

jvc1133 61535
02/04/14 10:26 am

It pisses me off when I go to market and aisles have changed

wiildkat Propertarian
02/04/14 10:23 am

I am quite upset that the "All" option for poll no longer exists

curtron basement of the Alamo
02/04/14 11:23 am

That and a "my polls" section

JiveYoungKing The Banter Boy
02/04/14 10:03 am

I actually like it. It takes more manual work (y'know, a couple clicks) to get to the polls you want to, but it's much better for me. I like the organization of it.