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Did you take swim lessons in school as a kid?

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jackspill Wisconsin
02/09/14 7:01 pm

Yes, we had to in high school. Nobody liked having to go to the rest of the classes of the day with wet hair but sounds like we were lucky to have an indoor pool at school.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
02/06/14 9:40 pm

I took them in preschool I think? And in a kindergarten morning program (I had kindergarten in the afternoon - back then we had half-days), both at the YWCA. In 9th grade we had to take aquatics and it blew my mind how many teenagers couldn't swim.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
02/06/14 9:42 pm

Anyway, I didn't learn much at school. My mom took it upon herself to teach me because she was a lifeguard and competitive swimmer as a teenager.

02/06/14 5:52 pm

Sort of...
Went to the city's pool as a small kid. Instructor picked me up, threw me in the deep end. Resurfaced, and there was the end of a perch, although slightly out of reach. It strangely kept so, as I was inching my way to the pool edge...

Nagini Las Vegas, NV
02/06/14 3:23 am

Is there even a public school with a pool?

Nagini Las Vegas, NV
02/06/14 3:22 am

Not in school, I got lessons from a lifeguard at our community pool when I was very young.

debob texas
02/05/14 11:09 pm

Not in school. They offered lessons at the city pool.

02/05/14 11:33 am

Dad threw me in and said swim. I learned real quick.

opie99 left coast best coast
02/05/14 11:23 am

My uncle tossed me in the deep end and said get to the shallow end, no touching the sides.

Speed learning

Nagini Las Vegas, NV
02/06/14 3:23 am

My uncle did the exact same thing to my little brother and he nearly drowned. I thought my mom was going to kill him for that!

02/05/14 6:38 am

Thrown in the canal
Sink or swim

02/05/14 2:41 am

Not in school, but we each learned to swim and life saving at the YMCA before my parents put in our pool. Also learned some swimming endurance in Lake Huron from a WWII Navy Seal, my friends Dad, who wanted each kid who stayed at their home to know.

dxstap Bloomington, Indiana
02/05/14 1:44 am

Some if my fondest memories are taking swim lessons at the city pool during the summer.

Swim lessons at school?? Nope, no pool.

lyyved Virginia
02/05/14 1:00 am

Did take lessons but in summer from YMCA.

smacc DunningKruger
02/05/14 12:08 am

No, not in school. I took lessons at the YMCA. I was on our swim team in HS .

Griffswooshd Utah
02/04/14 10:34 pm

Got thrown in the deep end. Children this day and age are coddled, it's an embarrassment

Redwallr hyrule
02/04/14 10:23 pm

My school was the stepchild of the district. The idea of a poll is beyond crazy for them.

02/04/14 9:57 pm

Until the instructor threw me off diving board when I didn't want to jump off. Still hate swimming!

galvduck Galveston Island
02/04/14 9:53 pm

In school? No.

I was taught at an early age and joined a swim team when I was 7.

02/04/14 8:46 pm

5 summers of lesson...still can't swim

TreeHugs Oregon
02/04/14 8:33 pm

A pool? At school? I went to a lot of different public schools but there was never a pool. We had to go to the Y for swimming lessons.

jenkp223 Being a mommy
02/04/14 8:02 pm

Well, I took ONE lesson, wherein the swim instructor dunked me underwater when I was scared to go under. Took me many years to recover from that experience.

jenkp223 Being a mommy
02/04/14 8:02 pm

Oh, I just read IN school. No, this was at the Y.

EmWalt Meet Jim the Duck
02/04/14 8:22 pm

I read it the same way you did... Lol never IN school.

kanji401 SoCal gal
02/04/14 7:55 pm

My school was brand-new and didn't have a pool yet.

Liberty 4,032,064
02/04/14 6:38 pm

No, I took them way before I started school.

02/04/14 5:26 pm

with this post I would like to mention ISR or infant swim resource. My daughter went through it at age 2 and learned to swim like a fish. The main goal is to teach children to swim float swim. It's amazing. check them out they are all over.

techkak north coast
02/04/14 4:58 pm

I took lessons at the Y. My school didn't have swimming lessons

02/04/14 4:53 pm

I did but not at school. My school didn't offer swim lessons.

emmbeedee Arkansas
02/04/14 6:52 pm

Same here. The local country club offered swim lessons every summer.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
02/04/14 4:44 pm

Summer camp. At 8 in the morning!!! I felt like an ice cube in an overgrown soda cup. It's a miracle it didn't cause permanent "Costanza shrinkage".

hoosierwisdom inner voice
02/04/14 4:07 pm

Took them on Summer mornings and froze when I was six

restinghour Pennsylvania
02/04/14 4:02 pm

Swimming lessons were the required form of P.E in 9th grade. It was the only P.E class I enjoyed and was actually "good" at.

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
02/04/14 3:58 pm

When I was growing up swim lessons consisted of a someone throwing you in the water and saying swim.

02/04/14 3:42 pm

YMCA had free lessons, I was the second best swimmer in the group "Thats probably how my mother got pregnant with me"
One of my lessons was cut short when a boy dived and hit his chin on the edge, blood was everywhere.

Emily33 North Carolina
02/04/14 3:39 pm

Yes, swam competitively for several years and eventually taught swim lessons for a few years

KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
02/04/14 3:07 pm

No, not swim classes in school. But I took swim classes separate from school at the school (Jewish Community Center) and my preschool class had pool time during hot weather. (Indoor and outdoor.) My other schools didn't have a pool.

KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
02/04/14 3:08 pm

I was on a swim team until I was seven when my inner ear problems wouldn't let me anymore.

pcox104 Florida
02/04/14 2:56 pm

I can dog paddle and that's it. I was never coordinated enough for formal swimming.

justmebcimme I live for Dean and Cas
02/04/14 2:39 pm

I had lessons in school, and after school. I was a competitive swimmer for a few years, and could actually swim faster when I was 9 than I can now (I'm 15 now).

02/04/14 2:33 pm

When I was a kid, my swim instructor reinforced my fear of water.

ThisScottPerson asks...
02/04/14 2:18 pm

Yes, "Naked Swim". I also took adult swim lessons if you see what I'm saying.

DonWichita Kansas
02/04/14 1:51 pm

What elementary school has a pool?

I learned at the public pool a mile away before entering school. By the time I was 10 I could walk the mile by myself without any of today's concerns, 1951. A wonderful time to live.

Idahologger up north
02/04/14 1:32 pm

I did growing up in Washington state however None of the public schools in northern Idaho have swimming pools

Princess Kentucky
02/04/14 1:14 pm

I took lessons at a local swimming pool I really enjoyed them

Pastafarian Planet Earth
02/04/14 12:58 pm

My father taught me how to swim. He would throw me in the ocean and I had to swim back. It was easy after I got out of the bag.

Rob Be Safe Be Smart
02/04/14 12:48 pm

After my father's feeble attempt to teach me by throwing me on the ocean and telling me to swim back or drown, yeah, my Grandmama signed me up for actual classes.

02/04/14 12:36 pm

schools did not have pools so father threw me in a local pond....sink or swim

Cruz2016 Rum Bum Beach City
02/04/14 12:21 pm

Where I'm from, most kids know how to swim before they start school. They get taught by their parents, not a school or a Y.

not_even Boston, MA
02/04/14 12:09 pm

I started learning at the YMCA when I was five, but learned best when my neighbor threw me into his pool

02/04/14 12:03 pm

Every child should get swim lessons. Knowing how to swim is a life skill.

Wert A picture of my junk
02/04/14 11:48 am

I was a swimmer at 4. Took scuba and diving in school.