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UWHuskyFan2 February 4th, 2014 1:23am

I was invited to attend a National Student Leadership Conference this summer. Have you gone to one? If so was it worth it?

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bringstheeagle Colorado
02/03/14 10:32 pm

Congratulations on your huge win
Over my broncos. Excellent game.

MaxGrealish Guantanamo
02/03/14 9:45 pm

It's a huge scam. I strongly urge you to rescind it.

MaxGrealish Guantanamo
02/03/14 10:11 pm

It literally does nothing to your credentials. You talk to a few college representatives and that's it. Literally thousands down the drain. I strongly urge you to reconsider. Speak with your counselor and teachers about it.

grammarpolice wonders...
02/03/14 9:24 pm

Invited several years in a row, but it was too expensive.

02/03/14 8:54 pm

Invited, but it was too expensive and inter feared with my job

spicysteve M14D SBS
02/03/14 8:38 pm

I've been invited a whole bunch of times but never went because of money and it just seemed silly

MJSeals Esq.
02/03/14 6:57 pm

I was invited but never went

osouless Whats Next
02/03/14 6:41 pm

I was invited. Wanted to go but just couldn't swing the money.

02/03/14 6:32 pm

Been invited, but I haven't attended, primarily due to prior commitments as well as the cost.

02/03/14 6:32 pm

But it seems like it could be an interesting experience.

02/03/14 6:28 pm

I don't even know anyone who's gone. I'm sure it's an interesting experience though. It'll probably be fun.

AlexJ76 West Virginia
02/03/14 6:25 pm

DC? I was going last year but decided to wait until this one.

UWHuskyFan2 Woodinville, WA
02/03/14 6:26 pm

I'm hoping to attend the political Dc one later when I can afford it

AlexJ76 West Virginia
02/03/14 6:28 pm

This one I'm going to is on law and CSI.

UWHuskyFan2 Woodinville, WA
02/03/14 6:30 pm

Oh I saw that! I want to do I think it's called Political Action and Public Policy. You get to have like mock bills passed on the senate floor

AlexJ76 West Virginia
02/03/14 6:32 pm

In this one you have mock trials, in real court rooms, and meet the attorney General,

UWHuskyFan2 Woodinville, WA
02/03/14 6:38 pm

I think all if them r good. Airfare will be rough though

political Georgia
02/03/14 6:25 pm

I have been thinking about attending one.