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Processing February 3rd, 2014 9:47pm

Which concept is the hardest for you to grasp, going to sleep and never waking up or waking up after having never gone to sleep?

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jonfrei the boonies
02/03/14 9:36 pm

The fatal flaw in your question is the assumption that death is the end.

firefly5 the verse
02/03/14 8:07 pm

Very cool question. followed.

also, birth.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
02/03/14 7:25 pm

Has anyone ever checked? It seems like babies that are mostly done and just waiting in the chute probably sleep at least part of the time. In any case, waking up from not-sleep makes no sense. Going to sleep and not waking up is the last mission.

XercesBlue ...
02/03/14 4:05 pm

Waking up after never having gone asleep makes no sense to me.

Processing On a journey to oneness.
02/03/14 5:15 pm

Agreed, It always begs me to think "Why?" When I die will the same sort of experience happen again giving an infinite time frame? If it happened once what stops it from happing again in a time range now one can understand.