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Kazuto February 3rd, 2014 5:38pm

I'm thinking about doing a poll series everyday. My idea was great quotes and see what your thoughts were on them and my girlfriend's idea was facts or would you rather polls.

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alynn Somewhere wonderful
02/03/14 6:51 pm

I answered facts/rather because a lot of people do quotes and simply ask if you agree or disagree. Sometimes they're good but often I find them a little annoying. Didn't mean to burst your bubble...just being honest. :)

alynn Somewhere wonderful
02/03/14 6:53 pm

A poll deities can actually be really good though. A while back TheMad Scientist did a "choose your own adventure" poll series that was awesome. If you don't follow him already, you really should. His polls are great.

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
02/03/14 10:57 am

Why don't you do your quotes idea, and let's get your girlfriend on SoH so she can do the other idea. Both are good!

Kazuto originally animefanZ
02/03/14 11:01 am

I'm trying to talk her Into joining SOH she's really shy I'm going to try to get her Into it when she gets off from school.

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
02/03/14 11:57 am

Tell her I look forward to meeting her!

Kazuto originally animefanZ
02/03/14 12:08 pm

I will I just wish she wouldn't be so shy.

Kazuto originally animefanZ
02/03/14 10:55 am

Really?? I thought everyone would go for my idea I love my girlfriend.