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02/05/14 11:29 am

I have to have them in my airplane to fly it's the law

tdaddy Kentucky
02/04/14 5:21 pm

I used to have many paper maps but I haven't seen them in ages. I honestly don't know where then are. But I'm an AAA member so I can order any maps I may ever need overnight. For now GPS and Google Maps are getting the job done quite well.

Injectable Trump Killed Babbitt
02/04/14 1:37 pm

More USGS Quadrangles than I know what to do with.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
02/04/14 1:25 pm

Have you ever had your GPS die when you were in the middle of who knows where?

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
02/04/14 5:43 pm

Its one thing following a map. It's another figuring out where you are if you weren't following along.

02/04/14 11:36 am

Still have some maps from the '90s in my car. Wouldn't trust them at this point.

bnnt Los Angeles
02/03/14 7:16 pm

My kids have a toy treasure map - I think that counts.

02/03/14 6:48 pm

I keep a map book of the metro area in my work truck for places that GPS can't find.

02/03/14 6:39 pm

Atlas plus individual maps of all the states around Illinois, all in my car.

artfulsf Oakland, CA
02/03/14 5:33 pm

Hiking maps. Where no GPS can help you.

jenkp223 Being a mommy
02/03/14 5:21 pm

I got a map of San Francisco when I was there with the MUNI routes on it. Much more helpful than Google Maps, which told us to take Marin Transit.

02/03/14 5:19 pm

I'm an old guy, I prefer paper

dontberude San Diego, CA
02/03/14 4:26 pm

Topo maps for backpacking. I have many :)

02/03/14 4:05 pm

I have never used a paper map to get anywhere. Although I did take geography in high school.

catpillow Florida West Coast
02/03/14 3:26 pm

I think there are a few stuck in the back seat of the car... Maybe. I'm not really sure. We haven't used a paper map in years.

Kay41 the Midwest
02/03/14 3:17 pm

We still keep a US road map in the car.

02/03/14 2:53 pm

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davidwhite1 Building it Bigger
02/03/14 2:30 pm

My 6yr was in a gas station and picked up a map, she asked what it was. When I told her, she said, why would anyone buy it when you can't even zoom in to see what you want to look at, and it doesn't even tell you directions.

ozgirl not down under
02/03/14 2:04 pm

I love reading maps! There's something magical a out them.. Dreaming of adventures or cultures and scenery.

chinito Florida
02/03/14 1:58 pm

Two big maps of my county and the neighbor county hanging in my office wall. It makes me look professional! Hahaha

KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
02/03/14 1:52 pm

Just the one on my wall. I love maps.

02/03/14 1:47 pm

Folding maps, books of maps, atlases, a globe.

ThisScottPerson asks...
02/03/14 1:22 pm

Yes I have a map of the nudist park. I've only ever left when I was drunk, and I got thrown- literally thrown- in jail.

02/03/14 1:03 pm

I drive all over for work & despite having GPS & phone I still have city maps-overkill but I like knowing they are there.

02/03/14 12:26 pm

Aviation sectionals, road atlases, and some surplus maps from old land nav exercises hanging in my room for decoration. I never used an electronic device to navigate anywhere and I have never gotten lost in my life.

akrealist a log cabin in the woods
02/03/14 12:11 pm

A back-up in the car in case of tech failure...and a 5 foot aware map on my office wall of the area I live in.

smacc DunningKruger
02/03/14 12:08 pm

Not anymore. My phone is it these days.

DunkinFrunk Austin area, Texas
02/03/14 12:00 pm

I have an Atlas and an old Texas road map from 1976. It's crazy how much different the state has changed since 1976

mim formerly 97123
02/03/14 11:56 am

I may have an old Thomas Guide hanging around somewhere.

bMyComrade Beantown
02/03/14 11:54 am

Quite a few, the one I used most recently was my trail map for the runs at Timberline this weekend while snowboarding.

rons Thanks America
02/03/14 11:21 am

A lot, keep some in the car.

02/03/14 11:17 am

Los Santos

02/03/14 10:43 am

"The road to a man's heart is through his liver."

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
02/03/14 1:18 pm

That took me a few seconds to understand.

blockfisher Clinton, CT
02/03/14 10:36 am

I spilled coffee on the us atlas in my car a couple months ago. Threw it away a doubt I will replace it.

bioarchnomad Michigan
02/03/14 10:34 am

I have 13 hanging on my bedroom walls right now, and another stack about a foot tall in my closet!

alynn Somewhere wonderful
02/03/14 10:26 am

Several! I always have a US atlas in the car.

PeppyHare Do a barrel roll
02/03/14 10:24 am

I have an old rand Mcnally highway map from before GPS was common or cheap.

02/03/14 9:56 am

Yep. But as a Geographer, it would be strange if I didn't huh? ;)

Zod Above Pugetropolis
02/03/14 9:52 am

A lot. I have 7.5-minute quadrangle topo maps for the whole area, plus a collection of maps detailing specific trails, the Gazeteer for the state and a few US road atlases. GPSs are OK, but maps work just as well without signals or batteries.

lyyved Virginia
02/03/14 9:27 am

I love maps. GPS is great but for learning the overall layout of an area, nothing beats a good map.

BarryB Was it something I said
02/03/14 9:16 am

I have a Winter Park ski area map in my pocket right now

Rainey 633 Stag Trail Road
02/03/14 9:12 am

I have a map of westeros if that counts