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Show Of Hands February 3rd, 2014 3:17pm

Workplace Monday: would you give up your ability to choose your own career in exchange for a random government job making $150,000/year for life (with annual cost-of-living adjustments)?

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SeanF Washington
02/06/14 12:34 am

That's a nice amount of money. But in the end, the amount of money you have doesn't matter. We're all going to the same place, and I'd rather have lived a life doing what I loved doing, than make tons of money I don't need from a job I didn't choose.

vfabrizio613 Probably in my basement
02/05/14 7:54 pm

Sorry, my profession is actually gonna do something or somebody.
Although the pay is substantially less... But at least I'll have time for my wife and kids!

whatever FL
02/05/14 3:27 pm

Ten years ago, I'd have laughed - even at that salary. Today, I figure the only people from my generation who will be able to retire are the folks who "retire" at 35 and those with a gov. pension. "What about your 401k," you ask? Don't make me laugh!

kris55 Alabama
02/05/14 12:39 am

No opportunities for promotions or being fired? I would just do the bare minimum to get by and make a great living.

02/04/14 11:44 pm

Random 6 figure job or choose your own for way Less. That is to easy to choose

02/04/14 9:41 pm

Why would I take a paycut?

02/04/14 9:39 pm

Absolutely not. I'm kind of saddened by how many people would choose a zombie existence on the public dole over a life of purpose, risk taking, and earned self respect.

02/04/14 6:53 pm

It's crazy how though still a significant amount, 150K per annum is not a crap ton of money anymore.

02/04/14 3:50 pm

No, I would never want to work the Nuclear side of the Government jobs. Too many tag outs and red tape, the stress is beyond what any normal person could deal with.

Bulldog74 California
02/04/14 3:37 pm

Those of you saying yes to the "random" government job might not understand that some that work for the government risk their life every day. Are you really willing to do this? Some are. Some do. And for a lot less money which is an injustice to them

darthezu Philly
02/04/14 7:39 am

Yeah if I have a 20 year pension. Then I retire early and start my own business.

02/04/14 7:19 am

What us that random job & what does it affect. If it's military or selective service, sure. Other areas not so sure.

02/04/14 7:02 am

I joined the military, so I already did that for a lot less money. :-/

sanj wild, wild west
02/04/14 6:57 am

Welcome to Common Core....that's the goal. Government control of our lives from preschool forward having a career in what THEY choose for you.

twonkykitty La La Land
02/04/14 4:12 am

Well...there are some jobs I really wouldn't want, but we barely had enough money to buy our daughters coats this year. So yeah, I'd like to make over 300% of what I do now. Technically I am a state employee anyway. (And no, we don't waste money.)

twonkykitty La La Land
02/04/14 4:13 am

By the way, those were the first new coats in 3 years.

02/04/14 3:08 am

random job? no thanks I don`t wanna be the one cleaning pigeon crap off the monuments no matter how much it pays.

JHawk3205 MD
02/04/14 12:32 am

I don't need 150k. That's stupid. Hell, if they would just raise the damn minimum wage and peg it to inflation already, I'd be just peachy... And I get to stick to my career path. Fučk you, greed!

sanj wild, wild west
02/04/14 7:01 am

Take a basic economics class and learn / understand why minimum wage is killing us. Hillsdale College on-line Economics 101 is pretty good and it's a free class.

JHawk3205 MD
02/04/14 1:16 pm

I can't tell you how many times ppl have said, take a basic Econ class. I've taken several Econ classes. Guess what? Econ classes are biased to whoever wrote the work. I look to respected economists, and none suggest anything even close

JHawk3205 MD
02/04/14 1:17 pm

I can't help but doubt some free online course is going to change my mind, while world renown economists tend to greatly disagree that raising the min wage does anything but help.

CudOfCow Oregon
02/03/14 11:24 pm

These people saying that working for the government is communism? I just dont understand this thinking..... I feel like these are the people that are pro is that different?

Laurie2133 Rural Southwest
02/03/14 10:32 pm

Pretty much what I did as a cop for lots less money and NO cola...

02/03/14 9:38 pm

Not for me, but please don't bash everyone who works a government job. There are a lot of good, hardworking people working jobs that we depend on, from air traffic controllers to snowplow drivers. Yes, there are lazy idiots too, but just about any

02/03/14 9:43 pm

Career or industry has losers.

I'm for smaller government, but I respect my fellow men and women who truly serve the public in their professions. Thank the people who pick up your trash, run into burning buildings, or deliver your mail.

footnmouth usually to the knee
02/03/14 8:46 pm

Basically this question is, "would $150k be enough for you to become a communist?" And so many said, "Yes."

02/03/14 8:21 pm

Can I lose said job? Because I might just pretend to work...wait, that's already how it works.

bnnt Los Angeles
02/03/14 7:23 pm

If it's the, no.

evoecon nearest binary system
02/03/14 6:49 pm

Why would I take a pay cut to work in a government job?

02/03/14 5:17 pm

In a heart beat! Money talks BS walks

icytoes the tepid north
02/03/14 7:50 pm

Some of the jobs SUCK... my job, for instance, deals with increasing volumes of work and decreasing employees. We've seen a 40% increase in work and 25% in workforce over the past 5 years.
I WISH I made $150,000...

CountryHeart beachwood
02/03/14 5:16 pm

Not with the job I plan on getting(OBGYN) that pays a lot more than 15,000 a year...

JollyMan93 Big Sky Guy
02/03/14 5:20 pm

Anyway you could get me on? Lol

lightsabr2 The Big Sky
02/03/14 4:12 pm

I enlisted in the Air Force with an "open general" contract for much less. Sure, I'll take the raise.

JollyMan93 Big Sky Guy
02/03/14 4:54 pm

Oh you must be up in maelstrom Air Force base? I grew up in great falls. Dads up there retired chief

lightsabr2 The Big Sky
02/03/14 4:55 pm

Yep. Been at Malmstrom almost 2 years.

JollyMan93 Big Sky Guy
02/03/14 4:58 pm

Oh ok. You prob are tired of the cold? Lol but ya maelstrom is a nice base. When I left they were building the new bx. I'm Lookin to go in the af. My dad's now retired gs 12 in the building with the missile in front of it.

catpillow Florida West Coast
02/03/14 3:35 pm

Very tempting, but I'd have to know something about the job before I ended up cleaning latrines somewhere cold without a beach.

anonymousmn Minnesota
02/03/14 4:07 pm

I would clean latrines for 150K per year.

catpillow Florida West Coast
02/03/14 5:57 pm

I'd rather choose what I do and where I do it.

beetlebug Harrisburg, PA
02/03/14 3:22 pm

I have a state job now....definitely not making that much :) sure I'd switch!

theNobamist Silicon Valley
02/03/14 3:02 pm

150k per year, tenured for life? Sure! I'll read porn on day one, and spend the rest of my life enjoying "leave" at full pay. Woo-hoo!!!

JollyMan93 Big Sky Guy
02/03/14 3:01 pm

Not to many government jobs make that much haha so you'd be high up. Can't believe some of the negative comments about gov employees. I myself am one who works very hard for shitty pay at 8.60 an hour. No benefits, no anything, but I get to

JollyMan93 Big Sky Guy
02/03/14 3:03 pm

Serve the military community. My mom has worked for civil service for over 35 years...most jobs are supportive to the military's mission not everything is black and white.

Doopy Remedial Americanism
02/03/14 2:30 pm

Over my dead body.

chinito Florida
02/03/14 2:16 pm

I would feel like a prostitute

realist40 New York
02/03/14 2:10 pm

That is pretty much what happened to me

Userperson merry passover
02/03/14 1:59 pm

Well... The president is a government job...

02/03/14 2:36 pm

I read the question as you don't get to choose in advance. You sign up and a random job is selected for you. In other words would you take an average government job for 150k?

Userperson merry passover
02/03/14 2:38 pm

1/ a few million is good enough for me

BwhoUare Oklahoma City, OK
02/03/14 1:57 pm

Where do I sign up?

KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
02/03/14 1:56 pm

No, I'd probably end up hating my job. You'd have to offer me a lot more money to change my answer.

evo Tampa
02/03/14 1:41 pm

I said yes only because if they are paying that much, then most likely the job will be challenging and rewarding regardless of what field it's in.

ThisScottPerson asks...
02/03/14 1:28 pm

Public nudity amendment propagandist? Yes!

teppofan Rt. 66 Hackberry, AZ
02/03/14 1:08 pm

While that would nearly double my income, I'm a pastor...there is no better retirement!

chinesa72 Missouri
02/03/14 1:07 pm

Considering I already technically work a government job and would never make 1/2 that- hell yes

jtopo Istrouma
02/03/14 12:59 pm

What the government giveth, the government may taketh away. I aim for as little governmental intrusion as possible in my daily life. I certainly don't want them having power over my career.

mamalisa California
02/03/14 12:57 pm

Wow this seems like a really bad sign.

PeppyHare Do a barrel roll
02/03/14 12:51 pm

For 150,000 I wouldn't care. Shoot I would the executioner at the state pen for 150k.

StilettoMiss SF med law, meme queen
02/03/14 12:42 pm

Damn those federal employees for keeping our skies safe with their air traffic controllers and for keeping our food safe through inspectors in the USDA and FDA. Damn them all to hell! LOL. *end sarcasm*

I love my federal career :) it's amazing!

skacey best poll is evenly split
02/03/14 12:57 pm

Did you choose it, or was it chosen for you?

Mackinaw Wolverine State, est.1837
02/03/14 12:07 pm

I stopped reading at "government"

Agonist Iowa
02/03/14 12:07 pm

I couldn't survive on the pay cut.

02/03/14 12:11 pm

Wow, I want your job and with the cost of living in Iowa......