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citethesource February 3rd, 2014 1:43pm

Romans regularly ate to excess, so much so that they had a vomitorium, a place where they could purge then continue eating.

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Ebola1 Florida
02/04/14 5:51 pm

Probably not but the all you can eat buffet here in town is another story

02/04/14 7:04 am

I like these questions. I was just googling old wives tales and common misconceptions the other day for fun because everyone keeps saying the cold weather is making them sick!! Lol.

pcox104 Florida
02/03/14 7:36 pm

Well I guessed wrong...

pcox104 Florida
02/03/14 7:44 pm

Thumbs up for being educational, though.

Vincere Seattle
02/03/14 11:35 am

These questions are a great way to dispel common historical myths. Who keeps down voting them??!?

citethesource Socialist and Atheist
02/03/14 11:58 am

People who do not like their myths corrected.

Zingerz Wisconsin
02/03/14 9:42 am

I've seen vomit bowls in German pubs.

Keldeo Laverre City
02/03/14 8:50 am

Haha, just trying to see how many people blindly click "true" to whatever you say?

citethesource Socialist and Atheist
02/03/14 11:59 am

No, just trying to take some common misconceptions and give out actual information. As you can see by the results, a lot of people believe untrue things. Likely they were told this particular fact by a teacher at some point.

Jack14 Massachusetts
02/03/14 7:39 am

I think a vomitorium has nothing to do with vomiting.

alynn Somewhere wonderful
02/03/14 7:37 am

Thanks for setting the record straight. I'd never heard of this before!

Praetorianus Fair enough.
02/03/14 7:28 am

It looks a bit like "motel of the mysteries", a parody about archeology. Mwahaha :)

02/03/14 7:16 am

I really hate this myth. Vomitorii are areas in stadiums (should be stadia) that people enter and exit from, effectively spewing them out (or into) the stadium, NOT a place where Romans puked there food up.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
02/03/14 7:22 am

Hehe, exactly. It was mixed up with the purported feather to incite vomiting, as well as some reports about Roman orgies like Petronius' satyricon libri (cena Trimalchionis). Who knows, maybe one day Burger King will be seen as a monarch :)

Ebola1 Florida
02/04/14 5:49 pm

Doesn't everyone know that?

Praetorianus Fair enough.
02/03/14 7:15 am

A vomitorium was an egress from tight spaces, so that crowds could get out. BUT look at