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Rosebud February 3rd, 2014 6:36am

Have you ever done something so incredibly uncoordinated, unlucky, or unlikely you wonder later how it actually happened and people didn't believe it actually happened that way?

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icytoes the tepid north
02/03/14 2:34 pm

You mean like when I tore off my fingernail and separated a rib WHILE SLEEPING?

MrLove lovers, dreamers and me
02/03/14 8:37 am

My daughter, when she was 2, tripped coming down the stairs and I just happened to be there at the bottom and caught her without her getting hurt.

rickvee Living the dream
02/03/14 7:09 am

Something incredibly unlikely. I was accused of stealing the idea from a penthouse letter... ;P

Rosebud Ohio
02/02/14 11:38 pm

An example- at my birthday party in high school, my now-husband was standing up from the couch while I was sitting down and we smacked faces. It was somehow violent enough my nose swelled and turned dark purple, nearly breaking, and he got a black

Rosebud Ohio
02/02/14 11:39 pm

eye that actually bled. (gives new meaning to seeing red!)
My parents thought I was lying that that's what happened, and I'm still not sure how we managed to do so much damage...