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foxycheese202 February 3rd, 2014 6:29am

Inspired by bamagirl; Do you think God could be or is subject to any laws?

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HotelCompany sight picture
02/03/14 11:32 am

Yes. He would cease to be God if He allowed mercy to rob justice, at least that's what He's said.

Rocker saved by grace
02/03/14 11:24 am

Yes, He is. Spiritual laws.

foxycheese202 A Mormon
02/03/14 10:16 am

I believe God is subject to laws. Like when he promises to uphold a covenant if you keep your end. He can't not give you what he's promised. Like the ultimate can't void his own word/doesn't lie or make mistakes

swervin Maryland
02/03/14 9:42 am

If people believe in god, they know it wouldn't be subject to any laws, considering it created everything.