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tdaddy February 3rd, 2014 6:24am

Does anyone in your home still use a desktop PC at home?

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tdaddy Kentucky
02/05/14 3:06 pm

I only use desktops in my computer room, mainly because I rec'd fully installable versions of every release of Windows from 98SE through 7, and it was cheap to build PCs from scratch and install the operating system myself.

tdaddy Kentucky
02/05/14 3:08 pm

But now that PCs are cheap and Windows so much less buggy, it's no longer worth the tedium of weekly installs during the months of beta testing.

tdaddy Kentucky
02/05/14 3:10 pm

So now I use notebooks, a tablet, and an iPhone for as much as 80% of my home computing needs.

lightsabr2 The Big Sky
02/03/14 10:35 pm

In function, yes. Is it a windows "PC"? No. 27" iMac

jenks76 Western Kentucky
02/03/14 3:29 pm

Yes but it's connected to my 46" TV to stream netflix.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
02/03/14 9:40 am

I do machine embroidery and I have a lot of design saved on the desktop PC.

susanr Colorado
02/03/14 8:50 am

I do. After 20 years of owning only laptops, I recently bought an iMac to replace my geriatric laptop. I realized that I use my iPad instead, around & outside my apartment and for travel, so I decided to go with a larger screen.

EarlyBird Portland
02/03/14 6:20 am

No, our desktop is a dust collector. :)

EnderWiggin So disillusioned...
02/02/14 11:33 pm

PC being Personal Computer including Macs, I have two towers.