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swjboucher February 3rd, 2014 2:18am

Was this the most disappointing Super Bowl (commercial series) in history?

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EarlyBird Portland
02/02/14 9:43 pm

I think this years commercials were better than last years.

swjboucher Just Run
02/03/14 4:23 am

You maybe right. The Broncos put me in a less than cheerful mood.

EarlyBird Portland
02/03/14 6:28 am

Sorry, to hear that, sw. Does make you feel any better to know that I had a great time and was thrilled the Seahawks won?

jimmyjelly BFE, PA
02/03/14 7:45 am

What part of pa are you from?

swjboucher Just Run
02/03/14 7:50 am

Mountain Top Area.
About 45 minutes south of Scranton.

Oboette17 Senioritis
02/02/14 8:59 pm

Last years was way worse

chickencookie Biden crime syndicate
02/02/14 8:42 pm

I only liked 3-4 ads
Heroes welcome
Doritos lasso girl
Bud puppies
Deaf girl hearing first time
Boring game - boring ads
Bruno Mars/RHCP for the win

RichardRahl1 Jesus is King
02/02/14 8:27 pm

No, this was the greatest Super Bowl in Super Bowl history!!!!!!! Go Hawks!!!!!!

Diogenes Not Biden It
02/02/14 7:57 pm

Loved the Jack in the Box "Bacon in your burger" commercial.

Kay41 the Midwest
02/02/14 7:28 pm

Pretty boring this year.

JollyMan93 Big Sky Guy
02/02/14 7:26 pm

The game is boring (no actual competitiveness from the broncs), the commercials are bland, and my team the Patriots aren't playing so I will have to say pretty much the most boring Super Bowl