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Kazuto originally animefanZ
02/04/14 12:53 am

It was proven Sunday and what makes it so amazing is in today's NFL it's offensive driven it's amazing that the Seahawks won with their defense.

Swarley utah
02/03/14 1:36 pm

you need both. Seattle brought offense and defense. Denver brought neither.

If Denver only brought offense and Seattle only brought defense, I would pick offense.

Diknak Ohio
02/03/14 7:13 am

No, it just happens that Denver's offense didn't show up to the game.

02/03/14 1:39 am

Points win

Keldeo Laverre City
02/02/14 8:15 pm

Physical defenses beat stand around quarterbacks.

Abolitionist Voice of the people
02/02/14 7:11 pm

Can Denver change out Peyton with Eli so this will actually be a game?

02/02/14 9:27 pm

You mean the fame where Seattle shutout the giants in their own stadium.

02/02/14 9:39 pm

Lose a lot of money?

JiveYoungKing The Banter Boy
02/02/14 10:47 pm

I'd argue worse, I'm a Broncos fan. That was an embarrassing performance.

eLucidate writing
02/02/14 6:51 pm

The game, not the statement.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
02/02/14 6:46 pm

Looks that way so far. I came for the commercials, but am staying for the best Super Bowl game ever! So far.

inge MIA
02/02/14 6:39 pm

I'm actually rooting for the team I don't like, just because I'm so embarrassed for them. Poor boyfriend, in not getting laid tonight.

MJSeals Esq.
02/02/14 6:36 pm

Peyton Manning definitely doesn't.

RJ1969 SoCal
02/02/14 6:35 pm

This is....