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02/05/14 11:36 am

The NFL seems to think its target audience is 12 year old girls.

darthezu Philly
02/04/14 7:42 am

I didn't care for it but I also don't care about Bruno Mars (he's too poppy for me) and the Chili Peppers should have played more than 1 song. However it was also not the worst performance ever.

02/04/14 4:52 am

And tony for some reason the poll questions would never load for me during the game. First time that's happened.

02/04/14 4:50 am

It was shitty. We all no Brüno Mars from his biopic staring Sasha Baron Cohen, so not much was expected. I did have the RHCPs pegged though. I knew they would either kick ass or play their worst song, and "give it away" they did. They disappointed.

02/04/14 11:50 pm

I was banking on Danny California or higher ground

nickyreads You Are Loved
02/03/14 6:57 pm

I think the RHCP liked jump ropes as kids

lectrik Silly gas guzzling Prius
02/03/14 6:53 pm

BAD TONY. I have sports and entertainment off I don't like this junk. I don't know how anyone can watch people throw a stupid ball and get so excited.

Taylorism California
02/03/14 4:13 pm

Better when it was Aerosmith

02/03/14 4:03 pm

I usually think of legends when I think of Super Bowl performances. Bruno Mars is nowhere near legend. Beyoncé was way better.

Doopy Remedial Americanism
02/03/14 1:20 pm

Good lighting. I hate pop music. The halftime show has been a flop for as long as I can remember, but this was the best of the flops.

dudley northern Virginia woods
02/03/14 11:12 am

Watched part of it. Lots of jumping around. No melody. Dorky lyrics . Boring. Didn't even watch the second half of the game. Boring boring. The groundhog was more interesting.

02/03/14 10:31 am

BEYONCE'S WAS BETTER! There, I said it. #sorrynotsorry

02/03/14 10:03 am

I voted "meh..." Because I didn't watch it... Or any of the game for that matter.

dotails DotUrTsAndCrossUrEyes
02/03/14 9:56 am

I did not watch but my sister told me it was vulgar an indecent.

jenkp223 Being a mommy
02/03/14 10:07 pm

She must have gotten it confused with a Miley Cyrus performance.

tytrib Country
02/03/14 9:29 am

Chilly peppers were horrible imo.

ladyniner81 I hate people
02/03/14 8:46 am

I never even heard of Bruno Mars but it wasn't bad.

TheLastAmerican fairfax
02/03/14 8:44 am

Rofl ladies like it because they all want to fuck Bruno Mars, too bad he's gay so you bitches won't get the chance.

KingRodney Enjoy the Decline
02/03/14 7:36 am

It wasn't horrible but I don't really care about the halftime show. The game was terrible. I was cheering for the Broncos and they didn't even put up a fight. That first play killed them.

StilettoMiss SF med law, meme queen
02/03/14 7:20 am

We loved Bruno Mars! The red hot chili peppers weren't that great though

PeppyHare Do a barrel roll
02/03/14 7:35 am

I think they should have had Bruno Mars start singing some Motown classics, I've never been a big fan of his music but he's an awesome performer.

chickencookie Biden crime syndicate
02/03/14 7:51 am

Disappointed that RHCP weren't only wearing socks...

StilettoMiss SF med law, meme queen
02/03/14 12:48 pm

He's an amazing performer :) RHCP is past their prime and it was a little sad watching them

02/03/14 6:52 am

Bruno was so good that I set him up to wake me for an obscenely early appointment this morning. The celebration outside my apartment didn't stop until well after 2:30am. Bruno made alarm bearable.

whitepuppy Happy Birthday
02/03/14 6:28 am

Bruno Mars was great. The red hot chili peppers... not so much

rons Thanks America
02/03/14 6:07 am

Very nicely done! Great fireworks.

Congressman Louisiana
02/03/14 5:52 am

Good singer. Tasteful music. No wardrobe "malfunctions" and no hidden messages... TERRIBLE half-time show!

jchristianreed South Carolina
02/03/14 5:29 am

Bruno Mars did an excellent job! Reminded me of James Brown. Kind of disappointed in the RHCP's. But you can't deny that Mars is a talented guy!

02/03/14 5:20 am

Eh better than most have been.

02/03/14 5:23 am

2012 was a horror show, last year was only a slight improvement on that.

nickyreads You Are Loved
02/03/14 6:49 am

I wouldn't consider demonic possession better than anything

flatlatex Vancouver, WA
02/03/14 5:03 am

Best show that I can recall. Top 3 all time. No wardrobe malfunctions and no drama.

cyanospool The Deep North
02/03/14 4:37 am

Alright, I don't listen to a lot of pop music myself, but I think people are hamming up their dislike of Bruno Mars. Regardless of whether you like his style of music, he put on a show. And he was objectively good at every piece of his performance -

cyanospool The Deep North
02/03/14 4:37 am

. . . drums, vocals, choreography. Pretending to hate every top 40 artist, disregarding any actual talent, doesn't make you sound sophisticated.

02/03/14 4:27 am

Bruno is amazing live. He knows how to entertain a crowd & I love the old school influence--I saw some James Brown in that routine! RHCP are still awesome. That was one of the best halftime shows I've seen.

02/03/14 6:34 am

Hands down best show in ages! They called in real performers who delivered without a bunch of controversy. Bruno was sick good and the RHCP rocked their bit-it was FUN. I can't recall the last fun halftime show. So kudos Fox.

raywygo Pittsburgh
02/03/14 2:49 am

Anyone is better than Bruno Mars.

02/03/14 2:24 am

Meh. But that's an upgrade from recent years so at least they are headed in the right direction.

asdfghjkl24242 Los Angeles, CA
02/03/14 12:52 am

Best one in years!!! Bruno was amazing and so were the RHCP! All the lights and fireworks were amazing amazing amazing! I got chills watching that

BwhoUare Oklahoma City, OK
02/02/14 11:54 pm

Beyoncé was better last year.

02/03/14 12:27 am

All she did was grunt and strut around while her back up singers did all the work and then used a lot of special effects to distract you from that fact.

Axl752 NY
02/03/14 6:28 am

Beyonce was among my least favorite halftime shows. All she did was sweat all over the stage.

nickyreads You Are Loved
02/03/14 6:51 am

Beyonce summoned demonic spirits.. hello! Not good! Then had everyone praise her

voc I am...verified
02/03/14 8:04 am

Nickyreads, could you please explain your comment or are you being funny?

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
02/03/14 12:28 pm

Don't listen to those fools BU! They're jealous because they couldn't give birth and still look like a rockstar after!

nickyreads You Are Loved
02/03/14 1:28 pm

voc, not being funny, totally serious. I would encourage you to go on YouTube, type in "beyonce sasha fierce demonic possession," and the first result should be about 10 minutes long. it connects for you the spiritual connections and gives evidence

nickyreads You Are Loved
02/03/14 1:29 pm

cornybread, I promise that's not why, considering I have no interest in giving birth before marriage

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
02/03/14 1:43 pm

... and bitter with no sense of humor!

voc I am...verified
02/03/14 2:51 pm

Ok nickyreads. I could only get through about half of that. Please don't tell me you buy into that.

nickyreads You Are Loved
02/03/14 6:09 pm

when she herself claims in interviews that she's "gone," felt something come into her ," isn't "like that in person at all," and has everyone search their arms toward her so she can "feel their energy," on top of the obvious satanic clothing, yes

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
02/03/14 6:53 pm

Yup. Sounds like the devil reincarnated to me.

nickyreads You Are Loved
02/03/14 6:57 pm

corny, not sure if you're serious or not... I am

2katz I live in Nebraska
02/02/14 10:30 pm

I turned the sound way down. Just not my favorite kind of music.

jordanjerrett Lancaster Wisconsin
02/02/14 10:29 pm

Terrible! Bruno Mars sucks and I hate his music. I had no odea what the Red Hot Chili Peppers were saying. It was just awful. The only good part was the soldier videos.

glyiker America
02/02/14 10:11 pm

The red hot chili peppers were gross.

musiman28 Cotton country
02/02/14 10:00 pm

Short, but that was a good thing. Should have let the Red Hot Chili Peppers have more time, that was the best part.

02/02/14 9:52 pm

It was amazing
Just the way it was

ZeusRaindropz Living in Idiotland
02/02/14 9:49 pm

It felt like the halftime show was 5 minutes.... I think Madonna did a better job.

02/03/14 12:34 am

Madonna was gross. No one wants to see a grandma in sleazy clothes grinding on dancers.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
02/03/14 12:29 pm

I think she looks amazing. (See my profil picture)

02/02/14 9:38 pm

Chilli peppers ruined it

musiman28 Cotton country
02/02/14 10:00 pm

What r u smokin?

ceej Michigan
02/02/14 11:21 pm

They brought the energy. Loved their part, wished it was longer

02/03/14 12:32 am

That's what she said! Hahahahahaha!

(sorry but someone had to do it)

02/02/14 9:31 pm

Why no poll about Renee Fleming singing the national anthem? She looked beautiful and sang an amazing and respectful rendition. So sick of no talent pop stars who butcher the song. Loved that they chose her!

DamageInc California
02/02/14 9:30 pm

The NFL is about hard hitting, fast moving, testosterone action. They need more halftime shows with bands that embody that spirit. The Chili Peppers were a good choice and they would so good to choose more bands like that; some good heavy stuff.

02/02/14 9:11 pm

Needed WAY more RHCP. One song? Are you kidding?

02/02/14 8:40 pm

I hate Bruno Mars

julzrulz ohio
02/02/14 8:34 pm

Love the Chili Peppers!

ThePhlegm The Lone Star State
02/02/14 8:14 pm

I do have to say it was better than I expected....

XercesBlue ...
02/02/14 8:07 pm

7 year old liked it for Bruno mars. Nobody else was impressed.

XercesBlue ...
02/02/14 8:08 pm

I didn't mind the presentation at first