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missmorganmarie ...
02/02/14 8:06 pm

rip off of fast and furious!!! RIP Paul Walker :(

BwhoUare Oklahoma City, OK
02/02/14 6:51 pm

I love the game series, but that commercial was just horrible.

TalkPolitics Chevy Chase, MD
02/02/14 6:45 pm

Awful. Just... Awful

knetzere Illinois
02/02/14 6:18 pm

Meh this isn't Super Bowl worthy. Save movie commercials for regular tv

swervin Maryland
02/02/14 5:42 pm

Aaron Paul will always be known as Jesse Pinkman.

sohail Michigan
02/02/14 5:41 pm

Look like copy of Fast and the furious

suppressedID hope despite the times
02/02/14 5:36 pm

I thought it was Knight Rider because they only showed a car over and over. Kit must be the star.

Kay41 the Midwest
02/02/14 5:20 pm

Aaron Paul good....this movie bad.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
02/02/14 5:20 pm

Good enough to make me want to watch a movie I really don't care about.

02/02/14 5:19 pm

I didn't care for it, buy my boyfriend liked it

cowboy Proud Father
02/02/14 5:19 pm

Didn't they make a bunch of fast and furious movies? That's what I thought it was.

justme millbrook
02/02/14 5:18 pm

Please no more video game into movies

eLucidate writing
02/02/14 5:18 pm

Jesse Pinkman FTW!

02/02/14 5:17 pm

Aaron Paul is a great actor!!

02/02/14 5:17 pm

I'm looking fwd to that movie