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rebelfury76 February 2nd, 2014 11:11pm

Is there a reason why we need to hear "America the Beautiful" before a sporting event?

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rickvee Living the dream
02/03/14 6:48 am

Hey Rebel, did you know they played the Star Spangled Banner at the beginning of animal planet's Puppy Bowl? ;P

02/03/14 11:02 am

No they didn't. I watched it.

rons Thanks America
02/03/14 6:28 am

Great tune! Ray Charles did it best! They sound sing it at the end too!

02/03/14 2:02 am

It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

02/03/14 11:02 am

Thanks to years of indoctrination and neurolinguistic programming.

2katz I live in Nebraska
02/03/14 2:00 am

Because a lot of us LIKE the collective experience and treasure that we are still
allowed to have that, despite people who would like to take it away from us.

EarlyBird Portland
02/02/14 10:55 pm

To remind us that America is beautiful?

MisterE Conservistan
02/02/14 6:38 pm

Because a lot of sporting associations get a shit ton of money from governments.

kspells TheOtherOtherside
02/02/14 6:21 pm

It isn't often the majority of the people in this country are focused on sharing one experience together. & it keeps libertarians focused on make believe issues.keeps them from interfering current issues.

02/02/14 6:15 pm

Because America IS beautiful.

MisterE Conservistan
02/02/14 6:35 pm

Lol that's a good one. Thanks for the laugh.

02/02/14 6:38 pm

I'm honestly sorry you don't appreciate everything great about this country as much as I (and many other people) do.

02/02/14 6:43 pm

I'm sorry you still believe this fairy tale

02/02/14 6:47 pm

That's ok, I don't mind it.

MadCow Kansas Proud
02/03/14 10:38 am

Finally! Someone who loves our nation. Thanks rlands.

02/03/14 11:01 am

I'll bet you could have found Germans still proud of their government too. I know you people like to separate the "country" from the "government" but governments are what DEFINE countries or you'd be "proud" of Mexico and Canada too.

02/03/14 12:33 pm

Governments don't define countries, that's literally everything you're against. The government should not control and dictate everything that goes on here. If you think the government is all that our country is, I suggest you broaden your horizons.

02/03/14 12:34 pm

Again you miss my point. With government boundaries the country is just a piece of dirt.

02/03/14 12:48 pm

Sure. If we never had a government, it wouldnt have been as united as it is today. It wouldn't be an entity. But it is now, I dont get the point of theorizing about it not being so. Humans group things. Country borders are a way of going that. So...?

Gingerred primum non nocere
02/03/14 7:53 pm

Can we sing "This Piece of Dirt Is Beautiful" instead?

Regardless of what the government does, our 'group of millions occupying this space' (nation) is still beautiful, still has boundless potential and is still worth caring for.

powpow Hoosier State
02/02/14 5:26 pm

We need more here's a sample playlist
Living in America-James Brown
America-Neil Diamond
I'm Proud To Be An American-Lee Greenwood
This Land Is Your Land-Arlo Guthrie

comppete Las Vegas
02/02/14 5:23 pm

Most people love the country. ;-))

02/02/14 6:17 pm

Most people are delusional

Wert A picture of my junk
02/02/14 4:30 pm

Yeah! Why can't we hear it after the event? I think the end of the game is greatly lacking in faux patriotism.

shellybaxter1234 Peaceful Place
02/02/14 4:27 pm

To fill time so they can sell more commercials??

TheCameron UCF
02/02/14 4:18 pm

Just the National anthem please.

02/02/14 4:16 pm

I thought it was beautiful.