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ladyniner81 Embrace your inner dork
02/03/14 8:35 am

you're gonna ask a Niners fan if they want the Seahawks? I'd rather stick needles in my eyes

Despair Sac the City of Trees
02/03/14 1:33 am

Hilarious.. Omg. Even made it as a hot poll! Lawl fuck the shithawks. Looking forward to next year when they're forgotten about again.

Broncos choked but oh well.

On a more serious note.. Why is this on the hot category list? It's a joke to answer

02/02/14 3:53 pm

Baby - who did you choose? Im very curious. .

02/02/14 4:14 pm

Really? I thought you would go with the other choice!

02/02/14 3:51 pm

As always really hard decision. Maybe ill I flip a coin and spin myself around. I just cant decide.

Posco teach me
02/02/14 2:48 pm

Oh wow, I'm gonna have to change my bet to the Seahawks if everyone thinks they're gonna win.