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Colorado303 February 2nd, 2014 9:07pm

I feel like a traitor for being a Seahawks fan in CO, have you ever felt like a traitor? (And it's hard lol, I'm proud of where I'm from)

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02/04/14 11:06 pm

I'm a ravens guy. My grandpa is die-hard broncos. He didn't talk to me for a while after playoffs last season.

clwilson15 steelernation
02/03/14 6:50 am

Yep I hate the broncos and look where I live!!!

Colorado303 Future Seattle Resident
02/03/14 4:04 pm

I would say that they're my second favorite team, so I don't hate them

rickvee Living the dream
02/03/14 6:26 am

I'm considering moving to WI, even after I poked fun at some friends for being from there.

02/03/14 2:11 am

I only wanted the Seahawks to win because a girl I went to high school with has a baby with one of the players. Is that weird? We weren't even friends.

dogsrmyrock15 fideos.
02/02/14 4:16 pm

I absolutely can't stand the Colts, but yet, I'm from Indiana.

Harrison666 Eugene Oregon
02/02/14 3:32 pm

I'm from Eugene Oregon, but I'm one of the biggest Beaver fans you'll ever meet.

moonshot More often I know nothing
02/02/14 3:19 pm

I'm an Oakland A's fan in seattle.

commonsense America isnt racist
02/02/14 2:30 pm

Yep. I'm a republican in California. Love my state but......

icytoes the tepid north
02/02/14 2:26 pm

Every single day - I'm a fiscal conservative working for the Social Security Administration

swervin Maryland
02/02/14 2:21 pm

Traitors should be hunt for their crimes.

trepidhickory Ayy Lmao
02/02/14 2:21 pm

I'm rooting against Manning and live in east Tennessee where he is considered a minor deity

DunkinFrunk Austin area, Texas
02/02/14 2:15 pm

No never. I live in Texas and I hate the Cowboys.