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Cole12 February 2nd, 2014 9:06pm

Venture capital billionaire Tom Perkins has come under fire in the past week after he compared the "progressive war on the American one percent" to the Holocaust in a WSJ article. Accurate comparison, or too far?

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Maynard Londor
02/04/14 2:39 pm

I'm pretty sure I about died from laughter when I read this. The 1% deserves so much, and I should dedicate my life to making their lives better.

stefanie22 Cincinnati
02/02/14 5:55 pm

He is right about one thing, it is the beginning of class warfare... But it's way past due!!

02/02/14 3:15 pm

I'm going to hope that was taken out of context but that's just fucking wrong

CalTexHawk spiral arm
02/02/14 4:19 pm

I've seen the transcript. The dude is a total tool. Even the venture capital firm that he helped found is distancing themselves from him.

Maynard Londor
02/02/14 2:52 pm

Haha the rich saying their being persecuted, as they drive away in their Lexus, to their second summer home. Laughable.

Abolitionist Voice of the people
02/02/14 3:23 pm

Your heart doesn't go out to the billionaires in the poor house because their income over 250,000$ got taxed 4%?

Maynard Londor
02/02/14 3:29 pm

I only feel bad if they had to wait 2 weeks instead of 1, to get that third indoor pool. It's such a hard life for them.

Joshua77 Jesus is Lord
02/02/14 2:26 pm

There are no similarities to the Holocaust. But, leftist propaganda against success and wealth is disturbing.

sadewt Rexburg, Idaho
02/02/14 3:10 pm

well wasn't wealth one of the arguments against the Jews?

Joshua77 Jesus is Lord
02/02/14 3:24 pm

Yes, it was. In Europe, Jews were often not allowed to own land, so they had to learn professions that would allow them to be successful even though they couldn't be landowners. Professions like banking, finance, lawyers, doctors, etc. and those

Joshua77 Jesus is Lord
02/02/14 3:25 pm

types of professions can be very lucrative. And so when many Germans were very poor and destitute, some hard-working, educated Jewish people were not as bad off, and Hitler made them a pariah for having had some success. Of course, there's nothing

Joshua77 Jesus is Lord
02/02/14 3:26 pm

persecution of the Jews that is good or decent. What a terrible, terrible evil that was, and unfortunately still is in parts of the world.

Joshua77 Jesus is Lord
02/02/14 3:28 pm

*nothing 'about the' persecution of the Jews that is good

Sorry, I lost part of my sentence.

sadewt Rexburg, Idaho
02/02/14 3:32 pm

I was just trying to point out what the comparison was, it was a really stupid and insensitive idea.

Joshua77 Jesus is Lord
02/02/14 5:21 pm

I agree. It is a very insensitive comparison.

Abolitionist Voice of the people
02/02/14 2:21 pm

If there's a war, the 1% is kicking our ass

02/02/14 2:17 pm

I'm sure it was taken out of context.

Vietman manhattan
02/02/14 2:22 pm

I would love a link to the quote.

sadewt Rexburg, Idaho
02/02/14 2:13 pm

I can see how a comparison could be made, but that's such a sensitive issue that its a really stupid comparison to make

cgelke92 St. Paul, MN
02/02/14 2:10 pm

This is the furthest thing from accurate. It's offensive and a disgusting insult to those who suffered the wrath of the Nazi and collaborator regimes.