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Joshua77 Jesus is Lord
02/02/14 3:29 pm

Mercy is tremendously more important than justice. We all need mercy!

painorgan In the RED Corner
02/02/14 3:26 pm

If our society was more merciful as a whole, would we have such a need for justice?

shellybaxter1234 Peaceful Place
02/02/14 2:57 pm

I'm having a hard time with the mercy answer being red - not sure why

painorgan In the RED Corner
02/02/14 3:21 pm

It was an intentional choice.
Can you try to put your feeling into words? I am honestly interested to read why you feel that way and what you think about too.

shellybaxter1234 Peaceful Place
02/02/14 3:54 pm

Well - I just don't see a lot if mercy in the actions of those in charge of the "red" agenda/message. Even when they were writing their "signature" legislation (or the closest I can come up with) of the last few years, immigration reform there

shellybaxter1234 Peaceful Place
02/02/14 3:55 pm

Path to citizenship was so difficult and expensive it was unlikely to lead to citizenship for very many people - it was unmerciful

d0m333 Pennsylvania
02/02/14 2:48 pm

Out of justice comes the ability to show mercy and allow for someone to experience mercy. But simply saying I show mercy does not make any action to which the mercy is shown allowable, only forgivable. Justice comes first then followed is mercy.

swervin Maryland
02/02/14 1:51 pm

Justice. Criminals don't have mercy for those they hurt.

HotelCompany sight picture
02/02/14 1:19 pm

Justice. Justice is required of the law, but mercy is not and should only be meted-out when doing so is deserved and does not rob justice.

02/02/14 1:04 pm

Without justice...there can be no mercy.