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Kazuto February 2nd, 2014 6:47pm

Inspired by MJ seals: Do you care what people think about you or do you love yourself?

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firefly5 the verse
02/02/14 3:45 pm

I'm pretty comfortable with who I am. I have a wife and kids who love me dearly. I'm not too likely to sweat someone not liking me, though I do try to be good to people.

alynn Somewhere wonderful
02/02/14 1:07 pm

I'm comfortable with who I am, but I wouldn't be honest if I said I didn't care about how others perceive me. If another person believes that I have wronged them, it eats me up until I can try to make amends or explain the situation.

02/02/14 12:21 pm

Both. I love myself (and feel extremely narcissistic for saying that) but also feel that what others say about me is important to learn from.

shellybaxter1234 Peaceful Place
02/02/14 11:52 am

both - I very much love myself, but I do care about how others see me as well