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robclark89 February 2nd, 2014 5:23pm

When the studio contacted Liam Neeson to do Taken 3, he said "I'll do it... but only as long as nobody gets taken." He promises fans a really good story. Is it a good call from Liam to change things up a bit, or could this be a recipe for disaster?

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davd Colorado
02/04/14 2:15 am

Hiring actors before they have a story, good call...

02/02/14 1:14 pm

The premise of someone in his family getting kidnapped a third time would've just been repetitive and honestly unbelievable. I'm glad he wants to shake things up a bit.

chickencookie Biden crime syndicate
02/02/14 11:24 am

What i have learned from watching Taken - don't let my 20 year old daughter travel to Europe. Hiding under a bed does not help either.

02/02/14 11:21 am

What's the point of calling it taken then?