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Show Of Hands December 3rd, 2012 12:00am

As a parent, would you let your 14 year-old watch any PG-13 movie without concern over the level of language/sex/violence, or would you consider some PG-13 movies to be age-inappropriate?

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spyman123 Virginia
12/09/12 8:52 pm

I let my 13 year old brother watch a clockwork orange and he turned out alright In jail but alright.

lilraerae Tuscaloosa
12/08/12 4:51 am

My parents used to let me watch whatever & I turned out fine.I've never been in a fight nor do I ever plan to.I don't curse a lot.I even played GTA as a kid.I'm 21 now and doing pretty good compared to my peers.I was never sheltered nor did my parents hide anything.I never felt the need to rebel.

12/05/12 8:29 pm

I'm 14 too and I think your completely right. I've been watching pg-13 since I was 11. Maybe I'm just more mature and my parents thought I could act mature about it. It depends on the kid,parents,age,maturity and what kind of friends the 13 year old plans on seeing it with and their maturity level

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
12/05/12 10:17 am

PG-13 should be PG-18 these days. All it means is that there won't be very many f-bombs or frontal nudity. That's about it.

12/05/12 9:22 am

Wow... Smh. >_<

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
12/05/12 6:36 am

Yesterday, some kids were playing kid got tackled by another and he landed on the sidewalk. The tackled kid jumped up, threw the ball at the tackler kid, and yelled "motherfucking faggot!" They are in elementary school.

Baker13 Wisconsin
12/04/12 11:40 pm

then why even have the system if its not okay to let all 14 yr olds watch a pg-13 movie. if you feel your kid isn't mature enough to see a pg-13 movie, you might want to look at your parenting skills instead of blaming your child

pawdua St Louis area
12/04/12 9:41 pm

Sorry the subject interrupted. I have let my 12 yo son see some pretty explicit and violent stuff with us sitting right there to explain. The bigger problem I have is his sensitivity, having a liked character or animal hurt can bother him for days.

pawdua St Louis area
12/04/12 9:35 pm

Yes I would and have. These are guidelines and you know your kids best.

caden1 Kentucky
12/04/12 8:21 pm

Censoring your children is useless. All they have to do is log on their computer, and I'm sure te 14 year old hears/sees worse in his own school. Don't hide your child from life, embrace it

12/04/12 6:26 pm

Be a real parent and you don't have to hide your kids from life

13yrOldGamer The Awesome
12/04/12 6:06 pm

If its pg13 and he is 14 then he has the right to watch it since its rated for 13 + or with a adult so they should if they want to

Aliggan China and Florida
12/04/12 5:46 pm

Without fulfillment of responsibility comes consequences. 99% of public school kids know what sex is by the time they're 10. Though I don't know of others, laissez faire in parenting has worked out pretty well. If an expectation was not met, I am unhappy, and therefore have incentive to succeed.

craig2 Connecticut
12/04/12 4:22 pm

I'm 14. Just because kids watch PG13 and R movies doesn't mean they are going to do it. With freedom comes responsibility.

craig2 Connecticut
12/04/12 4:20 pm

Texas Paul. I don't do anything illegal like drugs. And never will be,there are some things that parents should let there kids do at that age. I don't think sex at 14 is appropriate, and with freedom comes responsibility.

12/04/12 2:59 pm

At 14 they're about to go into high school and will be exposed to much worse things, I'm not having a sheltered baby as my kid.

monkeyy Ohio
12/04/12 2:50 pm

No… I am not permitted to watch all PG-13 movies. I would never watch things at my friend's house that I wouldn't watch at home.

monkeyy Ohio
12/04/12 2:47 pm

Just because they hear it at school doesn't mean they have to hear it all the time…

12/04/12 1:18 pm

and if your children are affected by any media, you have raised them to be weak minded individuals

12/04/12 1:16 pm

pirates of the Caribbean is pg13. I was watching rated r since like 8 and I'm fine,

cowboy Dog Father
12/04/12 12:02 pm

It depends on what movie. By the time my four year old is 14 they'll be showing porn.

BB2014 Des Moines, IA
12/04/12 10:32 am

I thought the age was 17 for R movies and M games? I have been watching R movies and playing M games since I was 8 and I have turned out just fine as person.

bigmomma_69 Tennessee
12/04/12 9:49 am

I agree with you. My 9 children are all encouraged to watch realistic television and porn, because they need to understand what they are getting into once they leave the shelter of my home.

12/04/12 8:34 am

You haven't had sex? That sucks.

EarlyBird Portland
12/04/12 7:42 am

Notice they're all from Tenn?

I wonder if they're all in the same cult or something?

babyboomer1 The flatulance express
12/04/12 7:34 am

Exposure to all facets of life is paramountly important for children. Not letting a child see something creates an "I'm going it see it anyway" situation. I was a very progressive parent and I couldn't be prouder of the way my son turned out.

12/04/12 4:26 am

I agree with you there.

slytherin Los Angeles
12/04/12 2:50 am

Just because only 15% of their parents talked with them, doesn't mean that they can't/won't. Maybe they are trying to raise their kids better then that.

12/04/12 1:24 am

If you think 14 is 2 years from dating you are mistaken ;)

bluebell Ohio
12/04/12 12:20 am

I feel like there are two questions in this. Yes, I think some PG-13's are age inappropriate, but yes I would let my kid watch any PG-13 movie.

kellyw The Mississippi Delta
12/03/12 11:23 pm

I'm sure all the young ladies in your care appreciate your double standard.

kellyw The Mississippi Delta
12/03/12 11:15 pm

You're 19 so you know all about this wicked world, huh? Come back in 10 years. Go to college. Don't live at home.

12/03/12 11:14 pm

You can't shelter them forever. All you can do is teach them to make the right decisions when they are presented with them.

12/03/12 11:13 pm

Get real people! At 14, think what most of us did. 14 is 2 yrs from driving/dating and only 3-4 yrs from being sent off to college! A few curse words, sex, drugs... They see this every day whether you want to realize it or not?

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
12/03/12 11:05 pm

I think it depends on the child. But, I tend to lean more towards monitoring and being an involved parent rather than a "hands off" approach. I think an "I care" attitude from a parent has more power than it is given credit. Simply knowing the standard of respect is there can garner some compliance.

uglyfemme Colorado Springs
12/03/12 9:59 pm

If you don't let your kid watch it, they'll watch it at their friend's house. Be reasonable.

TexasPaul Texas
12/03/12 9:54 pm

I hear you. But there's a wide variety of contexts for sex in movies. There's the love scene context, but then there's the raunchy, adolescent comedy context where sex is casual, anonymous and women are nothing more than a "score". That's the stuff I just can't promote for my kids.

jho2010 Pennsylvania
12/03/12 9:34 pm

I wasn't allowed to watch anything with an exorbitant amount of language in it, and there were some words that if said and I was watching with my parents, the movie was shut off immediately. I still cringe a little when I hear those words. I also think it is a main reason that I don't curse at all.

12/03/12 9:26 pm

Kids who are 10 nowadays have seen more than kids of the last generation had seen when they were 15. Stop all the silly censorship and the words will lose meaning. Europe isn't as deathly afraid of nudity as us and they seem to be doing fine like that.

12/03/12 8:53 pm

I've watched countless rated 'R' movies since the age of 6. I'm an honors student in college now who has never touched a drug or had sex (for the record I'm not religious either). Hiding your child away from these subjects is not helping.

kayjayleh Lansing, MI
12/03/12 8:51 pm

Scuds me. 20%. I still have the screen shot.

kayjayleh Lansing, MI
12/03/12 8:49 pm

Who says we have to shelter them? I'm not saying they absolutely cannot see any PG-13 movie ever. Just know what your kids are watching. And sure, you can talk to them, but do you? Because if I recall an earlier poll, only like, 15% of people had such a talk with their parents.

cerridwen Pennsylvania
12/03/12 8:47 pm

Sorry for the double post. Don't know why it did that!

Dan653 New Jersey
12/03/12 8:46 pm

A pg-13 movie is only allowed at max 3 f*cks. In an average school day I hear that word so much it's pretty much lost its usefulness/shock value.

cerridwen Pennsylvania
12/03/12 8:46 pm

I happen to know he plays CoD at friends houses. We've told him that we trust him to understand that rules are different in different houses but we don't have to allow it. He's okay with that. I don't full out BAN too much, but we talk a lot. It's about modeling what I expect from him.

cerridwen Pennsylvania
12/03/12 8:46 pm

I happen to know he plays CoD at friends houses. We've told him that we trust him to understand that rules are different in different houses but we don't have to allow it. He's okay with that. I don't full out BAN too much, but we talk a lot. It's about modeling what I expect from him.

yoggsaron Las Vegas
12/03/12 8:43 pm

The fact is having them live a sheltered life has no effect one day they have to go to the real world and wont be prepared. Better to teach right from wrong then cover there eyes and ears.