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Have you ever tried to get into someone else's car in a parking lot, thinking it was your own? (UserQ)

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08/21/11 7:22 pm

@FunkyChick, same here! except im 12 and i wasnt reading a book

08/16/11 10:05 pm

The door key actually worked too. It was when the ignition key didn't work that I figured it out!

FunkyChick Michigan
08/15/11 9:53 pm

Lol I'm only 11 but I have opened the door to another car that was simialar to my moms. I was reading a book and got distracted. They should have a question asking, "Have you ever called someone that isnt related to u at all 'Mom' or 'Dad'?"

08/15/11 8:40 pm

After coming out of the gym exhausted, i obliviously walked on a 2008 bugatti veyron that looked like my black/ red nissan z370. So i frantically tried opening the door when all of a sudden i came to my consciousness and saw that my real car was across from the bugatti. I was happy noone saw me.

08/13/11 9:08 pm

Wow tho people, you are all so honest!! 

I luv all of your great stories!!!

08/13/11 9:06 pm

I don't have a car either lol...

beatriz_78 Florida
08/12/11 8:53 pm

Yes. I had a Saturn and got in the car, then notice the car i was in didnt have leather or a sunroof, thats when i noticed it wasnt my car and got out of it quick!!!!

08/12/11 7:16 pm

If you havent experienced this, it's hilarious but confusing.

08/12/11 4:40 pm

Who hasn't experienced this mild confusion and if you haven't you will eventually will
It's pretty funny when it happens too sum1 else

08/12/11 3:09 pm

a coworker had my same car in my same color we confused each other n at least a couple occasions lol

08/12/11 8:55 am

I am deeply saddened by the results of this poll.

mme Iowa
08/12/11 7:51 am

Last week someone came into my parking lot with the exact same car A's mine. I moved my car next to hers then sat there waiting. She was mad when she couldn't get into my car. Lol

em414 Pennsylvania
08/11/11 11:22 pm

Last night at Friendly's Lol someone had the same exact car as my brother-in-law and I tried getting in. Haha thank god the owner didn't think I was trying to steal it!

08/11/11 11:09 pm

Does walking to the wrong car count?

08/11/11 10:25 pm

Not with my Mustang, but my bf and I have tried to get into a persons Corolla before thinking it was his lol

08/11/11 6:24 pm

I didn't know why my keys weren't working :|

mim formerly 97123
08/11/11 2:32 pm

Yes and someone was in it… looking at me as it I was a nut-case!

bethnick24 New York
08/11/11 2:00 pm

omg...just the other day for the first time ever!

08/11/11 6:26 am

Never. I drive a one of a kind classic car, so there's never any confusion!

kashish Ohio
08/11/11 1:51 am

I have a toyota camry, it'd confusing. Hasn't happened to me yet, I just started driving a few months ago. I'm only 15 :P

lgcsrock Texas
08/11/11 1:46 am

if you haven't your lying hahaha

IBnj2sc South Carolina
08/11/11 1:20 am

Know just by a glance if it's your or not without having to try and get into it. Sheesh, our the pipe down people...

IBnj2sc South Carolina
08/11/11 1:19 am

Who tries to get into someone else's car? Are you people high? I can see maybe walking up to a car thinking it's yours but to actually try to enter another car you think is yours is just plain dumb. Once you get close enough to any vehicle even if it's the same make and model as yours you should

StNik North Carolina
08/10/11 11:31 pm

@without theism, you would shoot another human being over a car? Have fun with that.

maserati California
08/10/11 11:18 pm

no usually you don't mistake a Maserati for another car and if there is another Maserati they all look the same anyway.

maserati California
08/10/11 11:18 pm

no usually you don't mistake a Maserati for another car and if there is another Maserati they all look the same anyway.

jtjr99 California
08/10/11 10:20 pm

My first thought was "what a stupid question" until I saw the results.

08/10/11 10:05 pm

Yea it just happened to me tonight haha luckily there car alarm didn't go off.

wlw9x Alabama
08/10/11 9:53 pm

I walked up to another car, opened the door, and threw my shopping bag in the passenger seat before I realized it wasn't my car.... Whoops!

08/10/11 9:42 pm

Carry your guns fellas just don't point it at me if I mistake your horse for mine!!! Hahaha. I'm not a criminal just get distracted like everyone else nowadays!!

08/10/11 9:38 pm

Cal Naughton, Jr.: I like to picture Jesus in a tuxedo T-Shirt because it says I want to be formal, but I'm here to party. Hahahaha

08/10/11 9:27 pm

I tote a gun (I'm a country boy) but I love me some Jesus!!!!

08/10/11 7:42 pm

I love adult swim...

08/10/11 7:29 pm

@dr brule, i love the name

Atheist A sheep amidst wolves
08/10/11 7:28 pm

Awesome another gun toting atheist! Small world haha!

08/10/11 5:59 pm

we need a firearms law question... hmmm....

08/10/11 5:52 pm

both my wife and I have carriers permits. though she doesn't always carry. but there's usually one locked in our car and truck so she's covered... I also am an atheist...

Atheist A sheep amidst wolves
08/10/11 4:40 pm

Santa - My "world" is great and I want to keep it that way. That's why I take proactive measures to protect myself, loved ones, and my property.

Atheist A sheep amidst wolves
08/10/11 4:37 pm

James thanks. I keep mine when/where I can too. BTW both our states honor the other's CHL. 

StNik North Carolina
08/10/11 4:36 pm

@atheist. I'm glad I don't live in your world.

08/10/11 4:36 pm

I had just got a new car and went to the mall, came out and forgot what I was driving. This was before keyless entry and panic buttons. Not only did I try to get in the wrong car, it didn't even look like what I was driving. This was twenty five years ago so the statute of limitations is up.

08/10/11 4:24 pm

I pack 24/7 and my car is an extension of my home. you enter, be prepared for the consequences...