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Do you think your local school district spends its available budget efficiently?

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Mythic California
05/21/12 4:01 pm

Private schooling is the only solution to the problem of education.

05/19/12 6:33 am

Oh and for the lonely hearts club band, Ron Paul 2012 and beyond!

Got delegates?

05/19/12 6:31 am

Those saying yes clearly have no clue how the PES operates.
How the monies are allocated, how the administration squanders your taxes, how they choose the teachers, etc.. Your kids deserve better.

beatlesrock Indiana
05/16/12 7:44 pm

it is basically the same. Private schools are to sheltered and most of the time deal with religious purposes, and there are some atheists that don't what to go to a Christian School. There is something wrong with every system, but it isn't that bad right now.

beatlesrock Indiana
05/16/12 7:40 pm

@RonPaul First change your name Ron Paul is going to fail. Second, how would private Ed. be better? If all there was was private schools, wouldn't they become the equvilant to public schools. Plus public Ed. is cheaper then the private schools. And the education is what we need and

beatlesrock Indiana
05/15/12 6:10 pm

It all goes to sports, not acadmics. It just shows what most educators put first.

missalissa Ohio
05/12/12 10:14 pm

To cut back, they decide to eliminate the only 3rd and 4th year languages in our school system! Talk about messed up priorities!!! I need foreign language to graduate and go to college!

missalissa Ohio
05/12/12 10:14 pm

My school system just added new "improvements" such as an unneeded biochemistry elective and new basketball seats to our high school.

05/09/12 8:42 pm

No. If they did I wouldn't have to collect box tops for education.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/08/12 6:31 pm

@seahawk, careful, it says school district, not individual school. Go to your principal and demand better budgeting for that kind of stuff, or team up with a department teacher (English, art, music) and demand new supplies from the principal

05/08/12 5:18 pm

My school bought a fifty inch screen that they put in the corner of our lunchroom out of sight that they only turn on on Friday to say "happy Friday!" So no, they do not.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/08/12 4:15 pm

1. Spending has increased with inflation
2. Spending ha increased with the fact that there are more kids...
3. Standardized tests were no where in my statement; and no, I dot agree with them.
4. So let's just cut, cut, cut till there are 2 teachers and 170 kids? Go back to the budgets of the 70's??

putter Michigan
05/08/12 12:31 pm

my school spent $1 million dollars on a new football surface.

anarchy4s South Carolina
05/08/12 11:42 am

Bri-and: your statement is misleading. In order for your argument to be even remotely accurate, you must first establish that more $$$ = better education. ...I assure you, it does not. Spending is exponentially higher now than 50 yrs ago, and test scores have been and continue to plummet.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/08/12 6:37 am

@NASCAR, and that's better..? Put our kids at a disadvantage so I don't have to pay a few more dollars in taxes??

05/08/12 4:50 am

Scott Walker didn't take they money away from people, he took it away from the greedy unions who have too much power.

05/08/12 4:43 am

@justiceall, Scott walker made cuts to schools and spending because of what Jim Doyle and other democrats did, he is balancing the budget without raising taxes

05/08/12 12:01 am

govt agencies are efficient and effective spenders of other people's money. What they are not is prudent or frugal with it.

05/07/12 8:47 pm

Scott walker took all that money away in Wisconsin.

Nerdz Texas
05/07/12 8:33 pm

sort of, but they blow a lot of it on dances and such

14573 Scary Numbers
05/07/12 8:06 pm

@durza that doesn't sound like a generalization at all.

05/07/12 8:05 pm

Teacher //== liberals

14573 Scary Numbers
05/07/12 8:02 pm

@Ronpaul I'm not sure what public school you went to but that sounds nothing like mine.

14573 Scary Numbers
05/07/12 8:01 pm

@clarin and these teachers are to be found where exactly?

05/07/12 7:50 pm

our schools just lost a billion here in WI. we exceed NCLB. we do breakfast &lunch. could it be better? yes, would you like to help?

05/07/12 7:17 pm

I think they could use the money more efficiently by firing the lousy teachers who suck and give them to teachers who actually care and know what theyre doing

05/07/12 7:16 pm

My tax payer dollars paid to have my child abused by her teacher through clear-cut retaliation after having filed a complaint against her and the school sided with the teacher. I studied the processes for grievance and it's designed to run you in circles with little hope for resolution. End pub EDU!

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/07/12 7:11 pm

@VAteach, it is a bit ridiculous how the city gave the schools money as soon as the superintendent said "no middle school/JV sports" but not when he said they ha to cut plenty of sad.

05/07/12 7:08 pm

The public schools are designed to protect the schools, NOT the child, as one is initially led to believe. They are infested with power abusing bullies and pedophiles, those who aren't, have little management skills and rarely care about truly providing a quality edu. Public schools are a SCAM.

05/07/12 7:02 pm

Should we feel they've violated our children's rights and attempt legal action against them, OUR tax payer dollars pay their top notch defense teams to fight US!
I'd MUCH rather prefer to keep my tax $'s to enroll my child into a private school or better yet use those $'s to home school my kid!

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
05/07/12 7:02 pm

Not as efficiently as it could. Most don't.

05/07/12 6:56 pm

@januarus. Your earlier post from 100 comments about it is misinformed. If you live in a metro suburb in MN 11K. If you live in outstate it is 6K. (due to referenda)

05/07/12 6:51 pm

I know first hand that they do not

05/07/12 6:49 pm

Public EDU is a scam on tax payers children and parents. Not ONLY do they squander our monies but their mission statements are lies designed more as marketing gimmicks to trick parents into trusting them. Their service is less than mediocre they bully our kids and the admin protects those abuses etc

applestar Florida
05/07/12 5:58 pm

way too top heavy! too many useless positions.

05/07/12 5:44 pm

Bri-and, no I agree with you. I knew it was va beach due to the description. I've been keeping track of it seeing as I'm one of those teachers that are being cut

05/07/12 5:33 pm

idk. I'm homeschooled.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/07/12 5:32 pm

@VAteach, yeah. An I think I counted one too may academies. Why? Do you beg to differ with my comment? I would understand if you did, these past few months have been hectic with the city council an school board meetings.

monkxo New York
05/07/12 5:11 pm

Well, we do. Everything gets hat if deserves but I wish the sports and the arts got more money ... Purely because I'm very involved.

05/07/12 4:35 pm

@kellyPA - clarinet helped me pay for/attend a very well respected private college. I received my degree in Finance but they didn't care as long as i was available to play for the music comp students. So I beg to differ...... :)

Itabliss Hello
05/07/12 4:23 pm

When I first graduated college, I was a financial auditor. I did a TON of school districts. I've never seen more fraud than I saw in school systems.

05/07/12 4:23 pm

Bri-and, based in your comments I'm assuming you are speaking about Virginia Beach?

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/07/12 4:07 pm, there are music programs at every school, and around 7 academy high school out of the 11 high schools in the City. there's transportation to the adjacent city for Governors School for the Performing Arts, so get rid of our council members as it'd e even better.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/07/12 4:05 pm

The School Board isn't doing too bad with the $40 million gap in the budget caused by the City. So, the CITY isn't being efficient with school money, but the school district, generally, is alright. I mean there's a planetarium, a ropes course, football/tennis/bball/baseball courts/fields at every...

SoCalSon SoKal
05/07/12 3:57 pm

I just did my eagle scout project for my school, which cost about $4000, and they want us to buy locks for the project that they previously said they would buy- and this is a private school

aam Pennsylvania
05/07/12 3:57 pm

Our school district cut it's gifted program, but they always seem to have money for sports.

spoiler Michigan
05/07/12 3:54 pm

Yes, but they've had nearly $70million in budget cuts so ya they're doing the best they can

05/07/12 3:46 pm

The eastern part of Nebraska schools aren't at debt at all. They spend all their money efficiently.