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Should parental consent (or a judge's over-ride) be required before a girl under the age of 18 can get an abortion? (UserQ)

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kreed Kentucky
11/19/11 5:23 am

Flanders you seem extremely insecure. You seem to demonize others for believing in religion because your lost. If the only way you can make a point is to demonize someone's personal background or faith, you will never win an argument. don't take talking points from Bill Maher.

IMO atoms, space, opinion
11/15/11 6:55 pm

@Imagine: a woman should have the choice. I agree 100%. The question at hand is in regards to a child. Until my daughter is 18, I decide what is best her.

IMO atoms, space, opinion
11/15/11 6:42 pm

@Gautama: brain function or not, a fetus is not a machine (unless that helps you sleep at night). Maybe not living like you or I, but defiantly alive.

IMO atoms, space, opinion
11/15/11 6:38 pm

Underage girls are easily manipulated. Especially if some statutory pervert knocks her up. A pregnant child could be forced/fooled into a decision that could affect the rest of her life. it should not be illegal (I'm sure sure perverts know immoral doctors), but options need to be made to her.

11/11/11 7:01 pm

this is just religious people trying to ban abortion. it's not your body so stop telling them how to live. It's odd how conservatives allow laws that go against the same thing they believe in and the constitution!

11/11/11 3:04 pm

I'm strongly against it, for us citizens are charged with murder when we kill a person although, what is abortion?

11/09/11 9:25 pm

It's the MOTHER'S choice, not the mother's parents.

11/09/11 4:48 pm

Now, if you want to argue that the potentiality of a biological machine to become conscious is enough to protect it, you better be prepared to make male masturbation illegal- since sperm would be classified the same way. Not that this actually matters with the question.

11/09/11 4:46 pm

A fetus is simply a biological machine until there is brain activity of some sort. It is NOT a human being without brain function. Most abortion laws say that once there is brain activity then it is no a viable option unless the health of the mother is at stake (it's how the timing works).

jesshol090 Iowa
11/09/11 4:21 pm

This poll just adds fuel to the fire. Abortion the kind of social problem where it will forever be subjective. No matter what is right or wrong..

Imagine Indiana
11/09/11 4:12 pm

(continued) killing another, than that hardly differs. It becomes the woman's choice, then, to decide what is best for her and for the potential child. As difficult as it is to swallow, what's best--living life like death or dying and never having lived--is not something one can define for another.

Imagine Indiana
11/09/11 4:10 pm

McLuke--But it is subjective, because the weight of that choice over the potential of the fetus is about a single individual and what may or may not be right to them. A parent has no say in whether their grown child goes into the military, and if we're focusing solely on one human (to be continued)

blackattac Kansas
11/09/11 3:10 pm

A person is a person no matter how small <3

tlcwriter California
11/09/11 10:12 am

@14573 Do you know how many kids languish in the foster/adoption system unwanted, unloved, and (too often) abused and neglected? We can't even find enough adoptive homes for the kids already there; flooding the system with more kids isn't going to make things better.

tlcwriter California
11/09/11 10:09 am

If we go back to back-alley illegal abortions as the norm, fetuses will still die - but an awful lot of their mothers will die too. Is this really a better outcome for the sanctity of life?

tlcwriter California
11/09/11 10:08 am

The problem is, it's awfully naive to think banning abortions will stop women from having them. It'll just return us to the 1950, where women died in back alleys of botched illegal abortions.

11/09/11 6:04 am

Pure, you sound like another one brainwashed by religion at a young age. When did u start drinking the koolaid?

11/08/11 9:57 pm

Because he can speak, walk, feel pain, and think.

Supernova North Carolina
11/08/11 8:32 pm

If your argument is "overpopulation causes more suffering," then why don't we kill you, too?

11/08/11 8:21 pm

Rosebud, your silence is funny, why not just admit your bias? Are you ashamed of your beliefs?

PureCouture San Francisco
11/08/11 6:21 pm

Abortions are murder. (regardless if it is "only" a fetus at the time! We were all fetuses here at one point!) How a woman can look herself in the mirror everyday after knowing she killed her own child is beyond me. Karma will always come for you & you will have to answer and pay for your actions.

averman Almost Heaven
11/08/11 5:02 pm

Once again: The law clearly states a woman UNDER 18 who is with child, becomes an Emancipated Minor and is solely responsible for all medical decisions. Ergo, this argument is senseless.

11/08/11 4:47 pm

Flanders- again, no point.
Lauren- legally, you can have charges brought against you if the parents don't give permission. It's called statutory rape. And the accused doesn't have to be over 18 in many states.

11/08/11 12:50 pm

If insane means I disagree with you.

SwolePatro Georgia
11/08/11 11:42 am

"abortion is a more humane option"??? You r insane

11/08/11 11:01 am

If men bore children, abortion would be a god given right. At 17, the guy gets no say; why would it change just because they're older?...

11/08/11 9:04 am

Overpopulation results in more suffering than abortions. Abortion is the more humane option. God bless these heroes!

lauren District of Columbia
11/08/11 8:11 am

Alright, the issue of consent: most states don't require it under 18 (over 16) to consent to the very act that produced the child. So they don't need consent to make the beast with two backs, but they do to make a decision about the consequences thereof?

ashann(: Washington
11/08/11 12:39 am

Adoption? Its abortion haha I strongly disagree with it

11/07/11 10:41 pm

I love how questions like this always change from "should consent be required" to pro-choice/pro-life debates that never have a clear winner.

No, consent shouldn't be required. Someone please argue against CONSENT and not against abortion it's self.

11/07/11 9:15 pm

Rosebud, thanks for making my point. U don't think for yourself and never have, just regurgitate what you have been forced to believe since childhood. It's sad really.....

11/07/11 8:03 pm

I sincerely doubt the vast majority of women who receive abortions treat it as lightly as washing hands.

DanIndepen Ohio
11/07/11 6:19 pm

I agree with Gautama - but at the sametime we should allow people to just get knocked up, abort - rinse and repeat

DanIndepen Ohio
11/07/11 6:17 pm

you should make the cost of an abortion to be something insane, like $50k - this will deter people from using it as a form of birth control, since the likelihood of abortion ever becoming illegal.....

11/07/11 6:11 pm

username- let's use human lives as punishment. That's a good way of thinking about it.

username Virginia
11/07/11 3:41 pm

If the child is not indangering the pregnant persons life then they should have to have the child, they already made a bad choice why let them off the hook ao easily

11/07/11 12:13 pm

If I were pregnant and 16, I wouldn't want anyone else making the decision for me. No parent should be able to force their child to go through a pregnancy at that young age.

11/07/11 12:07 pm

@ginger. A small cut is not an emergency but is time dependent. So is abortion, wait too long and it becomes illegal and potentially immoral Many anti choice laws are designed just to delay the decision.

Diologos Florida
11/07/11 9:53 am

to me, it's gotta be yes! a child is under the supervision of her parent until the age of 18 in this country. if she can't drink alcohol how in the world can she get an abortion?!

11/07/11 7:47 am

I said no because the reality is that if a girl wants an abortion bad enough she will probably try to make it happen in more dangerous ways. I also don't think this should be allowable because it then allows the reverse (forced abortion by parents).

11/07/11 4:58 am

I will never vote for anything that will limit parental authority before the child is of age

11/07/11 12:57 am

I said no but it's more complicated than that. In the case where the pill is used it is the girl's choice, if it requires a surgery or endangers her health then either a parent/judge or lawyer should be involved to ensure the girl knows her rights and isn't in some back alley coathanger clinic.

11/06/11 11:19 pm

Flanders, we already had this conversation.
If you won't recognize that I make valid points and you have no arguments, I won't share my religious background with you.

averman Almost Heaven
11/06/11 11:18 pm

It is clearly stated in the law. I'm not saying that it is correct or moral, but once she becomes pregnant (once again, regardless of her age) in the eyes of the law, she is an adult capable of making competent decisions. So if she is 12 and 6wks pregnant, she is responsible for all decisions made.

averman Almost Heaven
11/06/11 11:10 pm

Any person who is under the age of 18 that is pregnant automatically becomes what is know as an "emancipated minor". Which basically means no matter her age, her medical decisions are her own to make, not that of a parent or guardian except in instances of diminished mental capacity.

Gingerred primum non nocere
11/06/11 10:24 pm

@skeptisys - Of course not. But those are emergency situations. Show me a situation in which the necessity for an abortion is an emergency (it could happen, I suppose?) and my answer might be different.