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03/08/12 10:57 am

Is this a serious question? Disneyland is the ghetto version of disneyworld.

Democrat6 California
03/03/12 4:55 pm


03/02/12 10:24 am

Never been to Disney world so I chose Disneyland its closer and it was hecka fun

Dream Hogwarts
03/01/12 3:32 pm

DisneyLand only because it is so close.

02/29/12 7:12 pm

well we cant afford to go to world So I.guess I'm kind of entitled to say land -__)

02/28/12 2:32 am

LOL. That is awesome. :)

shraed7 New Jersey
02/28/12 12:42 am

They made Disney world because they were unsatisfied with Disneyland. What does that tell you?

02/27/12 12:32 pm

I avoid commiefornia like the plague. Not even mickey mouse could get me there.

02/27/12 3:19 am

Just FYI, a new (as of Sun), article in BoingBoing-points to a blog specifically about the two WDI enterprises. Some VERY interesting points re: DL imposing it's "scripts"/rules on DW despite the fact they've developed culturally different memes.

02/26/12 11:44 pm

everyone mention how much larger world is compared to land. what i recall of magic kingdom was its nearly a replica of d-land. I vote for the original...

Malekithe This does not compute
02/26/12 10:02 pm

I have been both and World is better.
I do miss 20,000 Leagues though

02/26/12 9:11 pm

Poor, isolated Alaska.

smiley12 California
02/26/12 8:21 pm

I am a Cali girl, so DISNEYLAND!!

PAteach1 Pennsylvania
02/26/12 7:23 pm

The map for this question is great!

mamita Alabama
02/26/12 4:40 pm

I've never been to either place :(

Wert A picture of my junk
02/26/12 4:04 pm

Looks like we could use a Disney Prairie.

02/26/12 12:29 pm

Alaska probably figures both Disneyland and Disneyworld are really far away so they may as well go to world.

Nerdz Texas
02/26/12 12:02 pm

world is bigger and I went there last year so WORLD

Hinfinity Oregon
02/26/12 11:56 am

Disneyland has a nice, temperate Mediterranean climate. Disney World has an unpredictable sub-tropical climate, with high humidity (ie mugginess) and frequent, heavy downpours. Of course, as a Seattle native and OR resident, I've never been to FL or D-World! heheh My siblings like it better though.

bazinga719 Illinois
02/26/12 11:30 am

east is world, west is land. just the slightest bit obvious and mostly based on location

02/26/12 11:20 am

How is it that Alaska is for Disneyworld? There the farthest away!!!!

02/26/12 11:10 am

universal studios is sooooo much better. but I chose Disney world because it's bigger and there's so much to do

HavolinGal California
02/26/12 11:07 am

nothing is better than the original... plus the weather in southern cali is much nicer!

02/26/12 10:40 am

Disneyworld is bigger, but I live in San Diego 1 hour 15 min. Away from Disneyland so , I voted Disneyland.

02/26/12 8:13 am

go all you people out there who luv kennywood!!!

02/26/12 8:11 am

go drcynic!!!!!! ha I have never heard anyone mention Kenny wood before!! :D

02/26/12 8:09 am

I find it very funny that the map is divided like that.....its probably based on the placement of disneyland and Disney world

02/26/12 7:29 am

Woah if you press the map it is beautiful!!!! 

02/26/12 7:18 am

Hahaha the map is funny!

heartful Iowa
02/26/12 7:16 am

It's gradient when you click on the map :)

drcynic Pittsburgh, PA
02/26/12 4:47 am

It's funny. I've never been to either and probably never will go. My heart lies with Pittsburgh's own Kennywood. Raging Rapids all the way!

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
02/26/12 4:36 am

Disneyland = 1/4 of Disney World. Don't get me wrong, I love Magic Kingdom, and it's the first place I visit any time I go, but I like being able to feel like a grown-up (with adult beverage in hand, of course) at Epcot when I'm done being a 4-year-old at Magic Kingdom.

household6 Boo.
02/26/12 1:59 am

I am California born and raised and I miss Disneyland so much since I had to move away ???? Disneyland will always be the best of the two. You cannot go wrong or get any better than the original! Disneyland is the best!! ✨????✨????❤????

BadBadger Georgia
02/26/12 12:18 am

I seen countless families in line at the First Aid stations, with the parents either still chuckling, or fussing because their cameras died at the critical moment.

BadBadger Georgia
02/26/12 12:18 am

Disney is great, but I also love SeaWorld. I particularly like the exhibits where you can feed the critters. The most fun is watching the little kids hand-feeding the snapping turtles, and the looks of complete surprise when they don't pull their fingers back fast enough.

BadBadger Georgia
02/26/12 12:02 am

Aw, shucks. Don't you just go on!

RJ1969 SoCal
02/25/12 11:59 pm

badger, as always, you crack me up!