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Did you try drugs or alcohol as a teenager? (UQ)

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11/07/12 6:46 pm

I am a teenager and haven't tried drugs...alcohol on occasion but never more than a couple sips of my parents drinks...

11/05/12 7:39 pm

Look at the under 21! Yikes

11/05/12 6:44 pm

I still am a teenager, but up until now, no for both. Excluding a few sips of champagne at my brother's wedding and not even a mouthful of wine/beer on the one occasion my dad has offered. Didn't like the wine or beer, and I'm still sure that the "champagne" was really apple cider.

CallMeMatt Lancaster, PA
11/04/12 4:42 pm

Lol those Mormons in Utah aren't having any of that stuff!

AnthonD Nebraska
11/04/12 1:01 pm

Drinking everclear was such a bad idea

BladeNut MA
11/04/12 11:44 am

some vodka once. never drugs though. drugs r bad, mmkay

11/03/12 11:41 pm

I know others have said it, but these two acts should be separated into different questions. Yes, alcohol with my parents when I was 18. Crazy

lilraerae Tuscaloosa
11/03/12 3:53 pm

Alcohol yes drugs no. My parents actually gave me a keg party when I graduated high school and I was only 17. But I graduated 2nd in class so think I deserved it.

AlexW Virginia
11/03/12 2:42 pm

I'm pretty sure they are talking about illegal drugs...

11/03/12 5:35 am

Anyone drink regular coffee or energy drinks. Caffeine is a drug folks. How many are prescribed pills for depression or add or. Sorry but you are a drug user

11/03/12 5:28 am

Yes it does count in my opinion

11/03/12 3:07 am

There are a lot of Mormons in Utah. :)

11/03/12 3:07 am

There are a lot of Mormons in Utah. :)

valeriejo ramble on
11/02/12 9:44 pm

But you tried alcohol under 21.. So technically you did try an illegal drug

valeriejo ramble on
11/02/12 9:30 pm

It's one thing to experiment a little here and there which I don't condone but believe is only natural.. But PLEASE be careful with oxy's they're no joke it might seem like fun &games at first but they're EXTREMELY addicting after awhile &will make wish you never tried in the first place. Trust me.

andithinkthat Texas
11/02/12 9:18 am

Why don't you just judge everyone on the planet for a minute

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
11/02/12 8:58 am

I've really only tried some drinking here and there, and I'm responsible about it. Drugs don't appeal to me at all, on the other hand.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
11/02/12 8:55 am

drunk drivers aren't all necessarily under 21. a lot of teens make that poor choice, but there are plenty of instances involving adults as well. it's really a matter of being responsible and having a designated driver. but, you are still making a very smart choice by waiting!

ladyniner81 I hate people
11/02/12 6:51 am

unfortunately yes, mostly booze & weed. that's it. I never got the attraction of shooting something in you, hell, I get blood tests for meds monthly (at the time) that was enough. and putting stuff up your nose seemed disgusting

kywrite augusta, ga
11/02/12 3:08 am

Yep, I was waiting for that comment. And you're wrong. I never did, my husband never did, my kids did not and do not. And yes, I DO know my kids that well. They think I'm psychic, LOL!

11/01/12 5:30 pm

I am still a teen and i will NOT drink or do drugs

My aunt was killed at age 38 by a drunk driver. He was driving in the wrong lane. I love my aunt still and i know to not drink till I am 21.

LauLau Minnesota
11/01/12 4:31 pm

Yeah, alcohol, but only ever with parent consent. :)

jjplol North Carolina
11/01/12 3:04 pm

You say no to da drugs. JuicyJ can't!

blockfisher Clinton, CT
11/01/12 11:53 am

No. That falls under self improvement. Everyone should get to see how the universe works.

jinger New York City
11/01/12 7:01 am

I agree with jms or
Just make it clear that u won't

four4byu Utah
10/31/12 10:13 pm

Awesome! My dad was the same way. I'm thankful he chose to break the cycle of addiction that took his father from him. Stay strong.

four4byu Utah
10/31/12 10:10 pm

Lol why? I'm proud of it. But whatever

fuknhaus California
10/31/12 9:48 pm

f ing Utah. repressed mormon monkey lovers.

Nerdz Texas
10/31/12 8:58 pm

I'm deeply ashamed of these results....

10/31/12 6:00 pm

I was there in June, great partying at the Iowa Speedway!

10/31/12 5:21 pm

I thought everyone did, well at least drink. More power to you if you didn't.

10/31/12 4:53 pm

Forced to complete confirmation at church... Does that wine count?